Wash Knee Pad In Washing Machine?

Knee pads are one of the most defensive gear to prevent any unforeseen injuries from falling to the ground or beating an obstacle.

Apart from sports, knee pads are also useful for recreational activities, for instance, cycling, skateboarding, roller skating, basketball, cricket, volleyball knee pads and so on.

Wash Knee Pad In Washing Machine

The body parts knee is one of the most complex joints in our body, it is necessary to protect it from any unexpected occurrences. So, most sports lovers are highly dependent on knee pads to shield their knee.

It is not only just mitigating injuries, but its protective gear also moving your concentration on your performances. Apart from knee pads, there is also some protective gear that is also effective to protect you from anything such as helmets, suits or jackets, gloves, etc.

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Talking about the knee pads, no matter where you use them, knee pads take the heaviest crushing experience. With time, they can start to smell very unpleasant or to look bloated. If anything happens, that is your signal to wash it right away.

Some Important Things You Should Know While You Go To Clean Your Knee Pads

There are two ways you can wash your knee pads by washing machine or by hand. The washing machine is not required if it is not fitted well, in this case, you can wash it by hand.

1) Eliminate the odor 

The first technique is to consider how to kill the odor. Bring the used knee pads outside for an air-dry, once they are fully dried, you can use a spray that is basically for extracting the microbes-these small shits are mainly responsible for causing the odor. The spray will protect your knee pads by neutralizing it.

2) Using a Washing Machine 

Using the washing machine is one the easiest way to clean the knee pads. To use a washing machine there are some key points you must ensure before going to do so.

Ø Using a mesh laundry bag: This bag will help you out from getting messed up with any items inside the washing machine However, firstly, put your knee pads into a mesh laundry bag and make sure that this bag is properly closed and secure any snaps or Velcro on the pads, if needed, check the care tag inside of the pads just to ensure that whether it is washed properly or not.

The washing machine is one of the handiest and convenient ways to wash knee pads.

You can also use a spare pillowcase as a temporary protective bag for the pads in lieu of a laundry bag.

Ø Avoid overload: While washing your knee pads try to avoid extra load by putting extra laundry, as it can do damage your washing machine. However, keep your washing machine simple with a small load of clothes

Moreover, if the knee pads are used for sports then try to put them into a uniform bag that can keep all the same type of gears together.

Keep away from any thins laundry into the washing machine with your knee pads

Ø Pour a reasonable amount of mild detergent: Discharge enough detergent into the washing machine to work it out properly.

Avoid using bleach as it can remove the color of your knee pads.

You can also use a cupful of white vinegar to neutralize odor.

Ø Using cold water and gentle cycle: Use cold water, as it is useful to kill sweat bacteria and to neutralize odor. Besides, select the gentle cycle, since it doesn’t tangle your knee pads with other items and treat items more sensibly yet thoroughly.

You can also choose the “delicate” option on the panel in case you don’t find the “gentle” option in your washing machine.

Ø The concluding task: As soon as the cycle is over, take the pads out of the mesh bag and hang them in the air for at least six hours, air-dry helps to kill any residual bacteria in the pads.

Besides, you can lay them on a plane surface but make sure to change its side frequently, it helps to ensure that both sides of the pads become waterless.

Don’t keep your knee pads in the dryer to dry up !! Because it can make your things curtail or distort and can make them unfit to use.

3) Using your hands

No need to be worried!! If you don’t have a washing machine or your knee pads are so large that make it unfit to clean by the washing machine, you still have a way to clean your knee pads by using hands.

Ø Fill up the bucket with hot water: This is a great technique for cleaning larger sized knee pads which are not fitted well in the washing machine such as hockey pads. Firstly, you need to be ensured that water is hot but still you can easily swirl in it by your hands.

The water helps to remove dirt and bacteria from your knee pads. Hot water gets the work to be done more efficiently. However, if you are concerned about darker fabric bleeding color into the water, you are allowed to use colder water.

Ø Using laundry detergent and white vinegar: It is considered to be useful to use laundry detergent and white vinegar in the water. It is recommended to use around one-fourth cup (59 ml) of laundry detergent and a modicum level of white vinegar to purify the pads. Then rotate your both hands around the tub to ensure the mixture works properly.

A capful level of color-safe bleach is also the best alternative of white vinegar.

Ø Water-logging and Swirling: Until the knee pads become drenched with water, keep shoving it by your hands. When they are completely flooded, rotate them around the tub just like the washing machine.

Do not stop until the job is done!! You cannot even imagine how much dirt they can absorb, so keep continuing.

If needed, add an extra cupful of vinegar to the water, to make sure that smell is no more in your pads.

Ø Keep them in the mixture for half an hour: After rotating around five minutes, take a break and let them rest in the submerge water. The rest of the work will be completed naturally.

In case of really nasty pads, you may require to drain out existing water and fill up the tub with hot water again. This time you need to leave the pads in the tub and make sure that you pour more detergent, vinegar or bleach in the water.

Ø Using running water: By using running water from the tub, your pads become saturated with water, then squeeze the pads until the pads release all the water and finally, you can keep them away from the tub.

If your pads take longer time to be cleared, then you may need to follow the same process once again such as soaking the pads in laundry detergent and wait for another half an hour to make sure to clean the pads. Except your pads do not spread astringent scent, you don’t need to use vinegar.

Ø The concluding task: In the end, you need to dry them up by using a clean towel. You can try to press on them to ensure the release of water. Afterward, hang them up in the sunshine on a clothesline to make them waterless. The sun will help to destroy bacteria and to arid them rapidly either.

You also can apply to lay the pad on a plane surface in a well-ventilated area if you don’t have any clothesline.

4) How to maintain your knee pads?

Knee pads take heavy grinding from your sporty activities, so it requires proper maintenance to increase its lifespan. Here are some additional guidelines for your knee pads.

Ø Cleaning your pads every 1-2 weeks: To keep them away from any bacteria or any bad-smelling, try to clean it on a regular basis. The more you use them, the more you will have to clean them. However, for a non-regular user, wash them when they need to be washed.

Ø Inside out after using them: It is recommended to turn your knee pads inside out right after you use them. It helps to remove the smell from the pads. Do not hurry to keep them in any closed bag!! Try to keep them in any open space. Keep them at rest at least six hours before you put them in your bag or put on again.

More importantly, carry this pad in an open bag, as it helps them to circulate the smell and inhibit the odor to be contained inside.

Ø Using an anti-microbial spray: Anti-microbial spray is available at every grocery store or pharmacies. With being mentioned above, it is useful to destroy the growth of bacteria.

Knee pad has the ability to take all the sweat and to become very smelly, in that case, it is mandatory to clean them regularly to avoid the production of microbial organisms.

Ø Collecting extra pads:Don’t be so economical!! Try to collect extra knee pads, if you are a sports lover or professionals’ athlete, then it is necessary to collect extra pads and wear them on a rotation basis. When you are busy washing your one pads, meanwhile, you can put on another. Don’t be a fool !! To clean all your pads at the same time rather wash it one after another.