Best Mobius Knee Brace Reviews – Top 3 Picks!

Motocross is an extremely exciting sport that gets your adrenaline rushing! The challenges of off-road circuits, the thrill of high-speed riding, the intoxicating temptation of staying ahead in the race make you feel really alive!

However, it’s also very risky because accidents can happen anytime!

Mobius Knee Brace Reviews

Unfortunately, your knees are one of the most vulnerable body parts that can easily be injured in a crash. There is no way to forecast accidents.

So, you must wear high-quality knee braces to prevent them from breaking whenever you’re on the road.

Our motocross knee braces reviews include 3 amazing protective gears including the top performer; Knee Brace x8 from Mobius. These three are bound to ensure the best kind of protection for your knees!

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What Makes a Perfect Motocross Knee Brace?

Motocross is as fun as it is dangerous, so getting into the sport without decent protective gear would be a reckless and foolish thing to do. Make sure to consider a few things in order to choose your knee brace if you want the best protection.

Protection:  A knee brace should be well-equipped to keep your knees protected from the harshest accidents. It must be built with high-quality materials to endure and absorb heavy impacts. Anatomically designed hinge systems offer a lot of stability.

The best motocross knee guards can often be recognized by the certification for impact protection.

Comfort: It’s important for your knee braces to be comfortable to wear. Chances are you’d be wearing them for a long time, so having a painful thing on your legs can irritate you and cause you to lose concentration. Therefore, they should be lightweight, well-padded, and offer breathing room for your skin.

Adjust abilityThese types of products should fit perfectly. Otherwise, they will fail to protect your knees. Since not all legs are the same, there should be enough adjust ability to tweak them to fit all sizes and shapes. The best motorcycle knee guards give you a lot of options to make them suitable for all types of legs.

3 Best Mobius Knee Brace Reviews

Our top 3 picks will help you out in finding the best knee brace that can give the ultimate protection to your knees.

#1. Mobius X8 – Best Motocross Knee Brace

Why Should You Buy It?

Ensure the best protection for your knees with this advanced and high-end knee brace. It is designed to completely safeguard your leg starting from your shin to the middle thigh while offering wonderful comfort.

This one will absorb the hard impacts and limit the movements to prevent your joints and ligaments from being injured!

Comfort: The Mobius X8 wraps around your knee and its surrounding ligaments comfortably. Weighing only 3 pounds, this model is quite lightweight, so it is easy to tolerate. Besides, the EVA foam padding makes it super comfy on your legs.

Adjustability: This product offers outstanding customizability in terms of fittings. You can easily adjust it to perfectly fit your legs! Thanks to the two different sized patellar pads, you can customize this unit to fit any shape and size. Also, you can tighten the Velcro straps to ensure proper fit.

Ease of Use: You’d enjoy how easy this protective gear is to put on your legs. Thanks to the various straps that are at your disposal, you can tightly strap it onto your legs to prevent this brace from sliding off. It will take some time to get used to, but once you’re there, it will feel like a breezy task!

Application: This item is specially engineered with forged aluminum materials and incorporates the company’s signature CCRS system. As a result, it’s durable enough to protect your knees from brutal crashes while offering the convenience of freely moving your legs.

Therefore, it’s perfect for all the hardcore motocross enthusiasts!


  • Created with high-quality aluminum materials
  • Comes with the company’s special CCRS system for incredible protection
  • Lightweight and comfortable on your legs
  • Easily adjustable to ensure a perfect fit


  • Harder to move around at first due to the CCRS system
  • The cables might require oiling frequently

#2. Mobius X8 – Best Knee Pad

Why Should You Buy It?

This compact yet powerful knee pad is designed with the best materials and comes complete with the latest technologies to keep your knees safe from the perils of the race tracks. It covers your leg perfectly. Whenever you fall off the bike hard, this fantastic pad absorbs the impacts and prevents the joints from twisting unnaturally.

It’s definitely one of the best things that you can get for your precious knees!

Comfort: Being ultra-compact, you won’t feel any weight pulling at your legs. It incorporates a poly-carbonate body that is completely lined with EVA foams. Besides, the use of 3 layers of foam keeps your legs comfy even when there is a heavy impact.

Your knees will have enough freedom, so you won’t feel too restricted at all.

Adjust-abilityThis model comes with an incredible adjustment system that allows you to tune the straps to make a perfect fit. You can tighten them or loosen them depending on your leg’s size and shape. This allows you to ensure you get the best support from the pads.

Ease of Use: There isn’t really any complicated mechanism or tough installation process. Setting it up is quite straightforward. The multiple straps are numbered, so you can tighten them up more confidently. It also works as guidance. After using it a couple of times, you’d master everything!

Application: Built for the pros, this is the type of protection you’d require in those extreme motocross races. Thanks to the company’s signature Continuous Cable Routing System, this gear excels at resisting hyper-extension. It controls the tension in the cable to prevent unnatural bending – protecting your bones and ligaments.


  • Very comfortable to wear due to the compact design
  • Boasts the company’s patented CCRS technology
  • Provides amazing protection to ligaments and bones
  • Easy to use and adjust for the best support


  • Some users found issues with the sizing

#3. Mobius X8 – Best Knee Braces

Why Should You Buy It?

This one is very popular among the pro motocross racers and for a good reason. The use of sturdy materials, excellent internal padding, superior adjustability, and outstanding CCRS technology allow it to provide exemplary protection! It’s capable of keeping your knees unscratched from those extreme accidents.

Comfort: Comfort is one of the strongest suits of this unit, thanks to the use of EVA foams that don’t make the insides smell like something died in there! It can be finely tuned to fit your legs comfortably. Despite this gear’s sci-fi and rugged look, you’d have enough freedom to move your legs easily.

Besides, it’s far lighter than most of the similar products.

Adjust-abilityAided by the adjustable Velcro straps along with the thermoplastic rubber, this thing offers impressive adjust-ability. You can easily tweak the straps to make it conform to your legs perfectly.

The adjust-ability is enhanced by the use of a rotary dial that allows you to easily tighten or loosen the item just by turning it!

Ease of Use: This model might appear to be a bit complex at first, but there is nothing to worry about. The straps are properly numbered to help you identify the clinching order. Besides, it comes with a user manual that contains a step-by-step guide from the manufacturer.

Application: The X8 is completely covered with durable patellar shells that can take a lot of abuse. If you fall hard on the road, the Plus molded EVA foams will effectively absorb most of the impact. The innovative CCRS system uses high-tech cables to prevent excessive bending when there is an accident.

So, you’ll always feel confident in those competitive motocross races if you’re equipped with this one!


  • Pretty lightweight and comfortable on your knees
  • Can be tuned up easily thanks to the Velcro straps
  • Provides excellent protection using the CCRS technology
  • Made to be durable enough to handle extreme abuse


  • Unfortunately, there is no ventilation system

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How tight should my knee brace be?

A:  Your knee brace should be a snug fit. However, it shouldn’t be too tight that disturbs your blood circulation and make you feel uncomfortable. Just try one to make sure it fits well enough before making the final purchase.

Q. What material should my motocross knee brace be made of?

A:  Carbon fiber is the most common type of material used in making these products because they are quite strong. You can also opt for the ones made with fiberglass-reinforced nylon or 3DF foam.

Q. Is it okay to exercise while I’m wearing a knee brace?

A:  You can feel free to exercise whilst wearing knee braces. In fact, it’s recommended by the doctors if you’re recovering from an injury.

Q. Do I really need a knee brace?

A:  Of course, you do! If you care about your knees and don’t want them to be heavily injured, there is no other way around it. You can’t completely eliminate the risk of accidents, but you can protect yourself by wearing protective gear, and it’s definitely one of the most important ones out there.

 Q. Is it okay to opt for a cheaper one?

A:  You shouldn’t really compromise when it comes to safety. If possible, go for the highest quality product that you can buy. In case you don’t have the budget, then we’d suggest you wait a little longer. However, there are really some amazing ones that are budget-friendly.


Since accidents are inevitable sometimes, the best thing you can do is to prepare for them. Wearing knee braces along with other protective gears can save your life by minimizing the damages.

In our motocross knee braces reviews, we’ve presented the best options that can ensure the safety of your knees should an accident occur. All of them provide excellent protection as they’re quite durable and packs a lot of fantastic features.