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You might be an athlete or a parent/grandparent who is suffering playing with your children because of several knee issues.

No worries, your problem can be solved with an OPPOSITE knee brace. All you need is to pick the right one.

Here ‘RIGHT’ means simultaneous in features, performance and price like Shock Doctor 872 Knee Brace.

levitation knee brace review

But the puzzle is- How would you unearth a COMPATIBLE knee brace?

Well, It requires thorough research to hit the best.

And to cut off the trouble, I have depicted this  levitation knee brace review with 7 ideal knee braces.

These  7 picks are not just a random choice. This is a vivid output of expert opinion, Orthopedics recommendations, athletes’ preference, and competitive market research.

Moreover, the list contains some special recommendations for both athletes and commons.

7 Best Levitation Knee Brace Reviews

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What Is The Best Brace For Knee Arthritis ?

Well, selecting a brace is not a big deal. But Saying NO to it? Very tough job.

You can’t easily pick out the best brace if you don’t know the certain parameters of them.

There are some RAW characteristics of the most worthy braces. Consider them to get the best-

DO NOT Think Of The Price First

Yes, It’s important. Do Not swipe the product seeing the price. If you think you can’t afford the particular brace, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay there.

Go through the features of the brace at least to get a clear idea of what are the features a WORTHY brace holds. Even if you can’t buy it, you will get to know your next step there.

Support: It is important to know what kind of support the knee brace provides. It should match your requirements as it is. Especially look at the design and hinges support.

Perfect Fitting: Most of the complaints come from the customer ends because of wrong sizing. So you should confirm the actual sizing before purchasing them.

I would recommend you to strict with the reputed Brands like Shock Doctor, Donjoy, McDavid, etc. They have maintained the sizing perfectly.

Patented Technology: Many Brands introduced different kinds of technologies over the years. These patented technologies are way more worthy compared to traditional technologies.

Comfort: And everything is for Comfort. A brace should be constructed with suitable materials.

The semi-rigid materials like aircraft-grade aluminum are great for a brace and the neoprene sleeve is most convenient.

My Top Picks for the Best Levitation Knee Brace

#1. Shock Doctor 872 – Best PCL Knee Brace

Why Should You Buy It?

There are very few brands out there that are serving gratifyingly for years after years and Shock Doctor leads the Battalion with a high hand.

This brace from the family personates like an invulnerable shield against pain. And the reason why they are great is their exceptional features.

You Just have a glance on some of them and tell why someone won’t like it-


Usually, people use knee braces healing arthritic-like problems or regular knee instabilities.

But shock doctor has pushed the capability to an extreme level preventing PCL/ACL injuries, ligament sprains, meniscus injuries, hyperextension, patella instability, and problems like medial instability.

So whatever your problem is, shock doctor will take the authority over your pain.


‘Comfort’ is the very first requirement of knee braces as one has to carry the brace for a quite long time.

Considering that, Shock doctor includes some proficient features that make the brace warden to you.

The Patella support, 4-way stretch mesh, and premium quality stretching will ensure a long-lasting easement and comfort.

In addition, the vented neoprene ensures moisture-absorbing compression support for better feeling with a dry and warm environment.

Support And Adjustable Compression

The aluminum-made stability stays and pre-curved design with dual side hinges have made the product a treasure to the athlete.

Especially the hinges are way more comfortable owing to the compatible thick padding they have.

If you are dealing with minor or moderate muscle sprains or any other unstable joints, shock doctor will recover the puzzle in a while.

The compression support will improve your blood flow securing the joint alignment, soft tissue, and therapeutic warmth.


It’s important for knee braces to stay in the place. This Latex-Free brace will grab the place with needed convenient movement. So, whether you are remaining somewhere or moving, the brace won’t run anywhere.


  • Great support and compression
  • Very comfortable
  • Patella buttress(Padded)
  • Reasonable price


  • Runs small

#2. DonJoy Performance – Best Bionic Knee Brace

Why Should You Buy It?

DonJoy Performance is another reputed knee brace manufacturer who is operating over 40 years, from grandmas’ era.

Considering the support, versatility, and fitting, this knee brace is a world-class performer.

If you are going through any knee injuries or pain, this can be a premium solution. It will ensure the freedom of your Every movement.


This DonJoy descendant is a special recommendation, like most other ancestors of the family, for sports persons especially for them who are involved with basketball, soccer, hockey and different kind of water sports.

Usually, sports-persons prefer the brace because of its effective instant impact and efficient signature protection against the pain like knee sprains, meniscus, ACL, MCL, LCL and knee stress.


The polycentric bilateral hinges will grab the striking attention with its extraordinary support. Especially the hyperextension stop of the brace holds down extreme support to any sort of knee instability and unexpected twisting. So, your everyday game will be more productive and energetic.

Easy On/Off

Unlike most of the knee braces, it includes a wrap-around design that helps easy access and take-off in a very convenient way. And it ended up the need of time killing pre-doings like- uncoupling the shoes- having on the brace- and dragging it on the knee.

Ideal Fit

A brace needs to fit perfectly to get the best of it. DonJoy tightens the stretch webbing encloser to get the compatible fit.

Breathable And Slip-Resistant & Reflective

To unbind the gloomy environment and avoid the rashes, DonJoy has included a breathable perforated Neoprene. It will ensure required ventilation into the brace.

DonJoy you have introduced an anti-migration technology to add compatible friction and eliminate the slip.

To enhance the visibility even in the low light environment, they have added some reflective portions to the brace body. It also brings a classy look to that.


  • Hinges support for preventing hyperextension
  • Breathable and slip-resistant
  • Easy On/Off
  • Reflectivity
  • Reasonable price


  • Some issues with sizing. So, confirm your size and then order.

#3. DonJoy Reaction – Best Web Knee Support Brace

Why Should You Buy It?

If you have tried the traditional knee braces and didn’t find them worthy, not to worry; I have a gem for you.

DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Support Brace is the treasure, developed by an Orthopedic surgeon.

It is considered as one of the best braces to treat chondromalacia patella, Quadriceps, Osgood-Schlatter, knee osteoarthritis, etc.

Shock Absorbent

It is a kind of life-saving feature especially for the sportspersons who are involved with serious running games.

The unique web design of the brace absorbs the shock of irregular vibration in joints, disperse adversary energies, and shift away from the pain from the knee.

Basically, the Spring alike elastomeric web acts the jack there. It brings the patella into its compatible tracking position to alleviate the pain.

Perfect Fittings With Breathability 

The mesh backing and webbing framework assure a perfectly comfortable fit with a significant breathable solution. No uncomfortable pinches and no arrogant Frowst.

So say goodbye to underserving fit and suffocated gloomy environment.

Included Sleeve

Considering extreme comfort and ease, the manufacturer has provided a quality sleeve with the set. The combined effort of them can deal with any sort of injury effectively.

Moreover, you can use the sleeve only If you are not going through any serious knee-issues.

In a word, this double-armed brace will pay you a money-back guarantee against all knee-aches in the pathway.


You can use the brace all-day long without realizing the gravity.

The sleeve is made of 15% spandex and  85% nylon. And the weight management of the brace is also outstanding.

Perfect for Both Knee

You don’t need to buy two Brace for your either legs. The universal fit of the brace allows you to wear in both. Just make sure you’re getting the right size.


  • Very lightweight
  • Includes a compatible sleeve that you can use without the brace
  • Breathable
  • Shock absorbent 


  • Not good enough without the sleeve. But when both brave and sleeve combines, it works well.

#4. DonJoy Performance – Best  ACL Knee Brace

Why Should You Buy It?

This one is another superstar from DonJoy family, specialized in treating ACL injuries, patella support, joint instability, hyperextension, meniscus injuries and so on.

Professional athletes to Orthopaedic surgeons, everyone recommends this broadly because of its prominent features.

Let’s see actually what makes it such a powerful soldier against pain-

Top-Notch For Sportsmen 

It is a special recommendation for the athlete from the expert’s end because of it’s impressive hyperextension-remedy.

The 4 point leverage system and hinge technology prevent hyperextension and ensure a smooth movement.

If you are involved with games like football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, or snowboarding, don’t waste time with a second thought. Grab the treasure before your next match.

Heat And Compression

The thermal heat regulatory will prevent overheating and ensure a convenient heat. So you can experience a comfortable company with a brace.

And the compression system is way better than the competitors. It won’t tug or stop you from running through your goal with redundant compression.

Anti-Migration Technology

An athlete can not allow his brace to move anyway. It should be strict about the place. Considering that, Donjoy performance introduced their Patented Anti-migration Technology to confine the sleeve movement.

Adjustable Straps

The brace is designed with 4 adjustable straps with customized settings. It enables a greater and secure fit which gives you the authority to any level of free and rough movement.


  • Top-Notch for sportspersons
  • Great heat management
  • Worth anti-migration technology
  • 4 straps for a perfect fit
  • Highly recommended for both athlete and non-athlete person.


  • Some complaints about sleeve thickness. But it seems good with the brace.

#5. McDavid 429X  – Best  Knee Support Brace

Why Should You Buy It?

Your impassivity regarding a tiny injury can cost several extreme disabilities. So it’s important to recover the injuries fast, even if they are ordinary.

McDavid Knee Braces are well-reputed to deal with such problems. If you are troubling with recovering Tendonitis Pain, Ligament injury, moderate to major knee instability or post-surgical joint protection, this brace will assist you in the healing process rapidly.

Let’s see it’s fighting wings

Neoprene Structure

Latex-free, high-performance neoprene resources of the brace provide extraordinary stretch with convenient heat insulation to keep the muscles warm all the while.

Besides, like all other neoprene braces, it will deliver lightweight and long-lasting performance.

Compression And Customized Fit

The elastic X strappings enhance compression and ligament support. Both the targeted compression and cross compression help improving performance and achieve the best.

And the collateral and rotational ligament support provides the strength for a quick recovery and as well as prevents future injuries.

It includes adjustable straps for the customized fit. So, you can personalize the setting and experience maximum comfort.


Provided bilateral polycentric geared hinges of the brace gives the joints authority over the rigid joints. It ensures free movement and stability of stiff muscles.

Besides, McDavid gears are great for improving blood flow and decreasing lactic acid to the injured muscles.


As you have to carry the brace for a long time, it has to be cushy.

McDavid offers a bound edge to prevent irritation and rashes.

The perforated back provides moisture and heat management to keep the inner surface dry and cool.

Not only these but the pre-curved anatomical design is also a plus point. The brace will lay down to the knee smoothly.


  • Compatible for both legs
  • 360-degree patella support
  • Mesh netting to stop hinge migration
  • Patella padding


  • Some complaints about the size. So it is recommended to go for 1 size up

#6. Shock Doctor – Best knee brace for OA

Why Should You Buy It?

You won’t find all the knee braces effective enough. Rather, some of them are the worst.

But shock doctor has earned respect as the most reliable brand in this industry. And this is because of their consistent features. Let’s have a look at some of them-

Medicate All-Pain

This dynamic brace will help you out depending and recovering almost all sorts of aches.

If you are suffering from major to mediator ligament sprains, unstable joints, muscle strains, PCL, MCL, ACL, hyperextension or meniscus injuries, the brace will settle down the hardship.

Unique Design

The brace is highly engineered with a compact design. They have included aluminum hinges to provide congenial smooth movements with natural angles.

The Bio-Logix design makes it a more practical and familiar anatomical structure.


The brace is made of semi-rigid materials. So, it will flex conveniently with the movement.

The brace is combined with a compression sleeve which makes it more comfortable, worthy, supportive, and well-fitted.

In addition, The 4-way stretch compression painted custom-like ease.


The adjustable straps of the brace will allow you to get accurate customized fittings. So doesn’t matter whether you are using a sleeve or only the brace, you will get perfect fitting all the time.


  • Bio-Logix design
  • Made of semi-rigid materials
  • Highly engineered designing
  • Adjustable straps


  • Doesn’t fit in both legs. But you can select your preference while purchasing

#7. DonJoy Legend SE-4 – Best ACL Knee Brace

Why Should You Buy It?

This is another special recommendation from the Donjoy family, especially for the athlete and the people who have serious knee problems.

According to the expert’s opinion, DonJoy Legend SE-4 Knee Support Brace is very reactive to LCL, MCL, PCL instabilities, moderate to serious ACL.

If you are undergoing any of these problems, you can go blindly for this.

And here is the reason-


Aircraft-grade strong aluminum makes the brace enduring and handy. It holds a rust-free Kraton coat on the surface that potentially mutate the whole thing to a long time investment.

Moreover, the coat will allow you to engage with both fresh or salty water activities safely.


The brace is like something that you can buy without any specific issue. You can consider it as efficient multi-purpose stuff.

Except treating different kinds of knee pains, you can use this for surfing, walking, running, playing and many more activities.


Its patented 4-point dynamic leverage system technology rehashes the brace to the best. It will impede your knee subluxations like magic.

Also, the hinges will do a great job to make you feel comfortable.

So if you want to stable your knee altogether, in a blink, grab this brace before sold out.

Perfect Fit

If you can pick out the perfect fit, the brace will be the best thing ever for your knee[Check out the product link to get the size chart].

They have provided their best-made strap to that. The strap is made of heavy elastic, Velcro and high-quality nylon.


  • 4-point dynamic leverage system technology for knee stability
  • Suitable Hinges
  • Fits perfectly
  • Treat several knee problems
  • Great for both man and women
  • Made of Quality Materials


  • Don’t have any mentionable drawback.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kinds of support knee braces provide?

A: Knee braces work like weight management stuff.  If you are having knee pain because of injuries or any other physical disabilities, it will reduce the pain superintending heat, weight and stability management.

Q: Which one is the best out of the list?

A: All 7 braces are best in different price ranges. But you will get the outstanding support from DonJoy Legend SE-4 Knee Support Brace. And Yes, this braces is a little pricy but worth the whole of it.

Q: Can I wear the braces whole the day?

A: Actually, it depends on the situation. If you are going through a very bad condition you can use these brace all day.

But remember these are especially recommended for long time use. You can’t wear a random brace all day. It can cause rash and itching.

Q: How would I realize that my brace is fit enough?

A: Ok, it’s all about comfort. Tighten the brace as long as you can move or bend easily. There has a rule of thumb- Keep at least 1 finger room between leg and brace.


Congratulations! You are not going to waste your bucks anymore buying a good-for-nothing brace.

This best levitation knee brace review is a list of gems. They have gone through lots of filtration. So there have no valueless or trashy braces remaining for sure.

So, which one you are going to grab?