How To Wash Compression Socks

If you are looking for a simpler way to ease your knee pain in a medicinal way, then this article is for you.

Medical compression socks are one of the wonderful inventions of medical science.

If you have knee pain then Compression socks are must know the product for you. These socks will become almost a part and parcel of knee medical therapy.

And that’s why you need to take special care of your socks to keep their fabric safe and fresh. 


And that’s why you need to take special care of your socks to keep their fabric safe and fresh. 

Many people are confused and don’t get the proper way to wash their compression socks. But to keep your sock’s fabric fresh and long-lasting you must need to know how to keep your compression socks clean and tidy. So, I have come with some necessary steps that you can follow and ensure that they last for a maximum long time and remain fresh.

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Step 1:

First of all, take a normal size tub or sink and fill it up with warm water. Put a pinch of mild detergent into the sink. Now stir the water with your hand and mix them properly. Make sure that the detergent and water is evenly spread.

Step 2:

Now it’s time for you to dip your compression socks into the tub. Move about a little bit and whip the socks together. Gently rub it with your palms and fingers. Avoid scrubbing them hardly; otherwise, the fibers will get damaged. Don’t string out your socks by any means. It will deform your socks and will be very loose. Later it will become uncomfortable for you to wear your socks.

Step 3:

Stir them for a few minutes like 1 ½ minute. Wash them properly. After cleaning them, throw away the soapy water in the tub. Add clean and warm water again. Now rinse the socks mildly until you see no soapy form water in the tub.

Step 4:

When you see crystal clear water running from your socks, you can stop there. Remove them from the tub and softly squash them with hands. Remember not to stretch your socks. Put them on a flat place and lay them to dry.

You might feel very tired while washing the compression socks. But if you can properly clean them, they will guarantee to stay long-lasting and refreshing. All types of compression socks have the same washing procedures. So, once you can get the proper way to wash your compression socks, it will be easy for you to deal with other types also. 

But before you start washing your compression socks; please go through the washing process once in the products catalog. You may get this while purchasing the compression socks with the packet.

Get The Point Of Compression

After you purchase a pair of compression socks, you will find a label along with the product. It is basically a label that tells you the different range of compression. This range is listed in the form of millimeters (mmHg).

The bigger the numbers of the range in that list is, the strong and tighter the sock will be. It will give you more support if it’s tighter. Compression holds out more care and relief for your feet.

Advantages Of Compression Socks

There are a lot of advantages of Compression socks in your daily healthy lives. It helps a lot to promote your blood circulation. If you have a swelling knee, then these compression socks are your friend from now onwards.

It also will defend against your vascular problems if you are badly suffering from peripheral vascular disease. Pregnant women are sometimes also recommended Compression socks to avoid their swelling of the knee. Athletes always carry this friendly buddy with them while they are on the field.

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that people always have in their minds. And people always get confused between these types of socks. Many of us think that we can buy a regular sock and have the exact benefits of compression socks. But it’s not true at all. Both of them are not the same. In fact of existence, there is actually no substitute for Compression socks. 
Compression socks are a part of medical therapy. It helps your blood circulation to flow in a normal perfect way throughout your body to your feet. 
A long time ago, people used to consider Compression sock therapy as a very uncomfortable and expensive process. But thanks to Medical Science to prove it wrong. Now people adapt these compression socks in a very comfortable way and it really does look great and makes you feel better.Add Image

If you are a first-timer to wear compression socks, then you must consult with your doctor. Don’t decide to wear it on your own. If your doctor allows you to wear it, then only you can go for it. Otherwise Don’t.

You will get a lot of variety of compression socks in the market. So, it’s better to consult with your doctor and then purchase according to your doctor’s advice. Follow the instructions on the product label on how to wear them. Wear it in the right way otherwise, there is a chance to cause you more disturbance later. Don’t put pressure on your skins while putting them. It can cause skin irritation.

You can wear your socks all day according to your comfort. But it’s wise not to put them all day long. Take a break and wear them. Better not to put them while you are sleeping. Talk to your doctor for better results. Be cautious because it is all about your good health.

There are some kinds of patients who are recommended not to wear Compression socks. Patients who are suffering from the peripheral vascular disease should avoid wearing Compression socks. It is considered that the pressure given by these Compression medical socks can make this disease even worse.

Doctors prescribe to wear compression socks only in the day working time. Put it off while you are going to sleep. But, you should wear clean socks only. In case, you can buy 2 pairs of socks and were it in turn. Make sure to wash your socks every day so that it doesn’t stink badly.

If your legs hurt while wearing compression socks, then it might be the fact that you are wearing the wrong size that is too tight and small for your legs. Check your size chart while purchasing your socks. And also the check the compression level chart.  If you think it’s not the size issues then consult with your doctor immediately.


Compression socks are useful products in our day-to-day life. And you must keep your socks neat and clean to keep your feet free from dirt and fungus. You will surely want to live a good and healthy life. So, take care of your socks and your feet. Stay Fresh, Stay Clean.!

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