Best MTB Knee Pads In 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Riding mountain bikes may be not the coolest thing in the world.

But, if you are fond of adventures, with a fine Mountain bike, you may get thrilled. But hold on your imagination for a while.

Imagine the scenario, you are riding on a Mountain bike with blazing speed, all of a sudden, a little bump on the road and last thing you remember hitting the ground pretty hard.

A bicycle rider from the Best MTB Knee Pads

This is fair enough to ruin your day and may be the last thing you would want in your ride.But this scenario could have been avoided, if you have taken proper safety measure for your ride. Along with other safety gears, a good pair of knee pad is required. Because, in most cases, when you hit the ground, hands, head and knees take the most of the hit. These three parts of your body need to be protected properly, while you are riding.So, here, as a mountain bike enthusiast, using my long experience of bike riding safety, I have done a complete review about Best MTB Knee Pads for you. Stick with me, you will find this review really helpful.

If you do not have enough time to read the whole review or just need a suggestion, here is your sneak peek. Have a look at it.

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How To Find Best MTB Knee Pads

After getting over the confusion of whether knee pads are necessary or not, you may go straight to shop or order it online for a pair of knee pads.

But, hey, since you are spending money on this, it is better to get the best one. And for that, you should know, what are the things to consider before buying MTB knee pads. These facts below can help you find ideal knee pads for you.

Good Fit

Things are worthless, if it does not fit you good. Nicely fitting a pair of knee pads help you to get a good and tight grip on your knees and prevent slipping away.

In short, for good fit, you have four things to consider.

  • Have a sound grip on your knees
  • Do not slip off your knees
  • Do not rub continuously on your raw skin
  • And you feel comfortable with it.

Different brand applies different approaches to ensure good fit. But do not get confused with them. Consider four criteria I mentioned above. If the knee pad satisfies all four and obviously your budget, go for it.


Like the good fit, same thing applies for comfort. If the stuff you bought does not make you feel comfortable, what is the use of it?Good fit and comfort are quite interrelated but not the same. If knee pad fits you well, chances are you feel comfortable with it but not the hundred percent. So, here is something you should look for when you seek comfort.

  • Flex along with your knee smoothly
  • Lightweight
  • Proper ventilation
  • Do not interrupt blood circulation through your knee


Durability depends on the material and the way it crafted. For knee pad, you need to put some serious attention to durability. Because every time you pedal, it flexes along with your knees, every time you hit the ground, your knee pad absorbs the lion’s share of shock. Generally, modern knee pads are foam padded inside for comfort. It helps to absorb the shock too. On top of that, neoprene is perfect for covering the foam protector and ensuring proper venting inside your knee area.


Best brand provides the best quality. Not just for knee pads, it is true for everything. If you are concerned about the quality or let somebody take care of all quality issues, stick with best-known brands. It may cost you a little bit more but you will get the finest product.

Best MTB Knee Pads For Money

Okay, enough preaching about how to find a great pair of MTB knee pad. Time to dive deep into the review. Below there, you will find top 10 knee guard for mountain bike that is suitable for you.

#1. Demon Enduro Mountain Bike Knee Pads|BMX Knee Guards

This edition of Demon Enduro knee pads will surely make a lasting companion for high impact mountain biking addicts. The neoprene material knee guards come with abrasion-resistant Kevlar front panel to safeguard your knee caps during your rides throughout the rough grounds.

Despite the sturdiness, the pair of knee pads are surprisingly lightweight, making it an ideal alternative to the strong and bulkier ones.

Superior Breathability

The sturdy bulge in the front of the knee caps may seem to be air blocking to a few. But the neoprene material makes it possible to allow plenty of airflows to add to its outstanding ventilation system. The cloth also stretches with your movement to make sure adequate air gets inside the sleeve.

Anti-Slip Silicone Bands

The sleeve doesn’t come with velcros, raising the eyebrows to a few potential customers. But you won’t have to worry about the adjustability, as both its top and bottom have been integrated with anti-slip silicone bands. The bands restrict it from hitching up or sliding down whether you’re pedaling fast through rough terrains or snowboarding.

Comfortable EVA Foam Cushion

Along with the Kevlar front, the pads are incorporated with comfortable EVA foam cushions. The cushions not only provides a soothing feel to your knee caps or skin but also prolongs the pads’ lifespan.


  • Sturdy build
  • Comfy interior
  • Abrasion and moisture resistive


  • You may encounter fitment issues if not checked properly

#2. Fox Racing Launch Pro Knee Guard

If you happen to lose confidence while riding your bike worrying about bruised limbs, you may want to take a look at this pair of Fox Racing Launch Pro knee guards. They are designed to offer an accurate balance of comfort with the utmost protection.

Let’s take a look at some of its mentionable features down below.

Ideal for Long Rides

You can roam with your bike continuously for more than five hours, putting these knee guards on without having to worry about the wiggling of your knees. The makers have dexterously designed it with high-grade elastic materials in a way that your knees will merely feel it a bit.

Instead, when padded on, it’ll keep your knee caps and ligaments firmly in place throughout your ride for effortless movement of the legs.

Neoprene Straps

The pads are bolstered with neoprene straps, doubled up with a velcro strap that covers them for lighter compression support. As a whole, the neoprene sleeve assures perfect fitment and additional safety around your calves.

Durable Kevlar Front

Similar to the Fox MTB knee guard we’ve discussed earlier, it comes with a  Kevlar front. The panel makes sure neither of your knees or the protection gear itself gets bruised. Also, a pre-curved protector along with a knee gripper ensures maximum safeguard to your wiggle-prone knee caps.


  • Ergonomic fit
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • High durability
  • Exceptionally comfortable


  • Bulky look

#3. Kali Protectives Strike Knee/Shin Guard

If you’re up to invest in a lightweight pair of knee pads with the best ventilation system, Kali Protectives might be a decent solution for you. The fierce-looking exoskeleton is meant for those aggressive riders having a zeal for dynamic aesthetics.

Take a look at the specialties that the knee guard has to offer.

Unmatched Ventilation System

Apart from its look, the exoskeleton offers outstanding breathability with high airflow conveyance. It ensures cool and comfy knees throughout your rides while also reducing the weight for added convenience. The perforated memory foam inside it will hardly let you sweat even when you’re on the hottest trail.

Highly Protective Xelion Armor

The central protective unit of the Strike armor is Xelion-made, which refers to a futuristic nano-carbon elastic compound. Its innovative technology helps absorb the impact energies by immediately altering into heat. It then dissipates the heat across the entirety of the pad.

This dissipation of energy adds moldability to its perforated design without compromising safety. Xelion also holds up its effectiveness in extreme temperatures better than TPR, PU, or NBR foams. So you can expect it to provide inimitable flexibility beyond the harshest riding circumstances.

Anti-Slip 3D Fit

A pre-curved Xelion knee cup utilizes a 3D design for precise fitment and functioning. The makers have also designed it with the adjustability to keep the pads in places even when you pedal, crash, or tumble. It also has extra padding on its sideways for added support and grip.


  • Outstanding breathability
  • High flexibility
  • Accurate fit with durable adjustability


  • Tends to get stiff in cold weather

#4. Dakine Slayer Knee Pads

Dakine Slayer knee pads, better known to all-round performers for the amazing comfort, breathability and protection.

Despite not being the lightest weight on our list, the Slayer knee guards are Dakine’s most lightweight to date, having similar sturdiness like Hellions, their previous heavy-duty pads.

Thick Abrasion-Resistant Fabric

The tube-style build of this Dakine Slayers provides an adaptive, snug fit, thanks to its four-way stretch fabric. The thickness of the aramid fiber offers outstanding abrasion resistance with exceptional durability.

Soft and Flexible

Unlike EVA foams of some bulkier knee pad models, the Slayer comes with DK impact, Dakine’s very own foam material. This foam pretty much resembles VPDs and D30 materials that most brands use to provide softness and flexibility to your skin, ligaments, and shin. And it also hardens up similarly when it faces an impact.

Intelligent and Secure Bend

The pad articulates to cup around the kneecaps while the astutely designed flex points help it bend accordingly with your pedaling. No matter if you’re riding or tumbling in between over-the-bar excursions, it’s unlikely that you’ll come across fitment issues.


  • Soft-shelled sleeve style
  • Polygiene odor control
  • Superior breathability


  • Pulling it off can be a fuss

#5. POC – Joint VPD Air Knee, Mountain Biking Armor

POC- Joint, the name may not sound compelling enough, but it has what it takes to provide both protection and coolness to those who love adventures through the dirt. The all-around knee pads promise a high level of safety, coming from a Swedish company that is dedicated to producing protective apparel.

The pads share a few similarities with the VPD Air-line range, the DH-orientated model that was released prior to this version. The combination, therefore, makes it super lightweight with an unmatched level of protection.

Let’s take a look at the noteworthy characteristics of these pads down below.

Highly Impact Resistive

Visco-elastic polymer dough (VPD) takes most of the attributes regarding the impact protection of these knee pads. The soft, pliable material blends easily with your knee structure, yet hardens up whenever there’s an impact.

Durable Polyamide Exterior

The deftly stitched fabric on its outside is a polyamide yarn, which is highly tenacious. It renders exceptional resistance to tears and cuts, playing the vital role of making it durable. This polyamide yarn is borrowed from the company’s protective line of ski-gears, where the chances of tears and cuts because of sharp edges are remarkably high.

Squishy Feel

The Joint VPD system boasts a combination of elasticized cuffs and silicone grippers that makes it soft and squishy while also providing adequate slip resistance. You’ll hardly feel anything when wearing these pillowy-soft knee pads. What makes it different is that it hardens up immediately to absorb the impact whenever you hit the ground.


  • Lightweight
  • Moisture resistant
  • Highly slip resistant
  • Super-soft feel


  • No-velcro straps and wearing requires shoe removal.

#6. RaceFace Ambush Guard- RaceFace Apparel and Protection

RaceFace Ambush Guard seems a bit costly for knee protector but it will pay you off with its bunch of handy features. It comes with perforated neoprene for proper venting and moisture control. The protector is built with high-performance D30 shock absorbing foam. Moreover, sides are padded with foam as well for extra comfort. Most of our readers reaction to this knee guard is, “Do not think twice, Just go for it”.

Here is some feature of this knee pad need to put on the limelight.

Open-Back Construction

Open-back construction allows you to remove your knee guard without removing shoes. This knee pad is super comfy, you feel like it is part of your body. But, in hot summer and long trail, you may want to put it off for a moment while you are resting. With the open-back feature, you can do this easily. No annoying shoe removal, just open the back and put it off. Save you some time too.

High-Performance D30 Foam

D30 foam both save you from the shock of crash landing and give you ultimate comfort. Using D30 foam is a brilliant idea. It remains soft and cozy until it collides with something and after then become hard and protect your knees from any unpleasant situation.

Accurate Knee Grip

During cycling, what can be more annoying than slipping knee guard of your knees? If it is extremely hot which produces excessive sweat, that has nothing to with knee pad straps. But in normal condition, slipping off is pretty annoying. This type of annoyance happens, when pads do not snug fit and straps are not well engineered. RaceFace Ambush guard ergonomic shape fits the knee very well and its rubber grab tabs will help you stick your pads with knees as long as you want.

Venting And Moisture Control

The whole guard is covered with perforated neoprene. It provides breathable space inside the guard which makes using knee guard in hot weather extremely comfortable. Also produces less sweat which helps to hold your guard in place.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • No awkward shoe removal
  • Ideal for rough trail


  • Gets a little hot in very long use

#7. Troy Lee Designs Raid Knee Guard- Troy Lee Knee Pads

It is expensive and a little bit bulky. But tell you what, the day of sacrifice one thing to get another thing is over. Troy Lees Raid knee guard maintains the perfect balance between comfort and safety. In a long and crazy trail, safety is the topmost priority. But at the end of the day, you may not want a sore knee either. To ensure both concerns, Raid knee guard can be the best solution.

Let us have a look at some of its noteworthy features

Abrasion Resistant 

Raid knee pad provides high durability with its abrasion resistant front panel built with D30 high-performance material. As a devoted cyclist, you will use your knee pad often. This guards not only protect your only two knees, with abrasion resistant feature keep the knee guard itself unscathed too.

Fit lock Calf  Band

Fit lock calf band with silicone strip is more than enough to keep the guard in place perfectly. The Fit lock is a simple idea. Slightly bent protector cup for ergonomic shape and pair it up with silicone grip, that is the recipe. More than enough gluing your kneepad around your knees.

Neoprene Cover 

Generally, all prominent brands use vented neoprene for covering the bare protector. Neoprene is not just a cover, say, it is protection layer on top of knee guard. Raid knee guard goes with the same neoprene cover but meshes on the back panel. It helps flowing air inside and not getting too much sweaty

Compare With Similar Items

Troy Lee Designs T-Bone Knee Guard Solid Black

  • Color: Solid Black
  • Item Weight: 0.7 lb
  • Size: M-L
  • Sport Type: Multi-sport

SCOYCO Cycling Knee Protector Knee pads

  • Color:  Black
  • Item Weight: 1.1 lbs
  • Size: X-Large
  • Sport Type: Multi-sport

Alpinestars Paragon Knee Guard

  • Color: Black/Yellow
  • Item Weight: 0.7 lb
  • Size: Small
  • Sport Type: Cycling


  • Constructed with durable material
  • High safety and comfort
  • Fit lock prevents slippage


  • Slightly bulky
  • No open-back construction

#8. Fox Head Launch Enduro Knee Pad- Best Enduro Knee Pads

Before reading this review, you should know, Fox Head Launch Enduro knee pad provides light duty protection. So, if you do not want to compromise with your pedaling rate and you need some protection for your knees at the same time, this pair of guard is ideal for you. This lightweight knee pad comes with abrasion resistant knee cup and silicone gripper inside for preventing slippage. In simple word, it is a budget knee pad. Everything you want from a knee guard, you will get all of it at a cheap rate and obviously, quality is assured.


All high budget knee pads seem to be somewhat bulky although they try their best to comfort you. These guards are comfortable to wear indeed, but any MTB enthusiast will agree with me, at some point they feel a little bit weary about these bulky high budget knee pads.FHL Enduro Knee pad is light enough to make you feel comfortable in long ride and provide your knees best protection at the same time. Moreover, this lightweight feature enhances your pedaling efficiency by letting you spend as minimal energy as possible.

Prevent Slipping  Off

Incorporating silicone gripper may seem a little bit ambitious in this price range. Yet they incorporated this feature and works just fine with its lightweight knee pad.Honestly, I have had some doubt about this feature whether it really works or not. So, I ask around some cyclist who used this gear and guess what, they are really satisfied. Not in one case, it slipped off.

Comfort And Protection

At first glance, this knee pad looks like just a pair of knee warmers. But it is not. Though not the best shock absorber, it protects your knees perfectly while its abrasion resistant facility enhances the durability of the product.Articulated and perforated neoprene wrap up the whole gear and add some necessary comfort too.


  • Pedal friendly
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Abrasion resistant


  • Light duty protection

#9. Demon Hyper X D30 Mountain Bike Knee Pads- Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

Demon Hyper is an all in one complete pack. Mountain biking, snowboarding or anything involves high impact, whatever it is, Demon Hyper is the best choice.Demon Hyper provides serious protection with its D30 high-performance material. Moreover, this knee pad has an integrated kevlar front panel for abrasion resistance. Kevlar shield save your knee guard getting scratched when you hit hard and rough ground.Considering all of its facility, the knee pad is surprisingly lightweight. So, if you want an alternative for light duty knee pad, go for Demon Hyper. It is cozy and heavy-duty protection gear in budget.

Durable D30 Material

D30 material for protection gear is modern days invention. It is built to be as lightweight as possible and stand against high impact. You will feel the greatness of this material when it makes the impact. During impact, D30 forms a hard shell and protect your knees. After the force of impact goes away, it turns back to its natural comfortable form.Demon hyper uses not only D30 material to protect your knees but also incorporates a kevlar shield to keep your knee pads not getting chewed up against the hard ground.

Dual Velcro Straps 

Many people complain about silicone grip as it is reactive to their skin. You can not complain about Hyper Demon knee guards as it provides dual adjustable velcro straps instead of silicone grip. Dual velcro straps provide excellent support to hold the knee pad in place with the complementary ergonomic shape of Demon Hyper X D30 MTB knee pad.

Comfortable Interior  Terry Cloth

For better comfort, Demon Hyper uses soft terry cloth inside. Moreover, with the extra padding on the outside, you will take it as the best MTB knee pads you ever have.


  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Multi-purpose knee pad


  • Look out for perfect fit. Otherwise,
  •  straps will get on the way while pedalling.

#10. Fox Racing Launch Pro MTB Knee Guard- Best Fox Knee Guard

Launch Pro knee guard from Fox Racing is one of the finest knee protection gear you will find in the market. It offers ultimate protection for your knees in any toughest mountain bike trail you will find around the world.Launch Pro MTB knee guard comes with the pre-curved protector for ergonomic fit and perforated neoprene for proper venting facility. With the combining effort of silicone gripper on the back of the knee and elastic straps on top and bottom, you do not have to worry about slipping off of knee pads from your knees.

Pre-Curved Flexible Protector

Curved protector does two things, makes it super comfortable and ensure snug fit. It fits and flexes along with your knees so ergonomically that you will not feel like dying to take it off after an hour of ride. Adding perforated neoprene for ventilation, you have nothing left to concern about comfort and best fit.

Perfect Knee Gripper  

Sliding down the knee pad is the last thing you may want in your mountain bike trailing. What can be more annoying than babysitting an ill-fitting knee pad? Perfect knee gripping requires excellent fit and most importantly, enough facility to stick the pad up with legs. Launch Pro offers silicone grip on the back of knees for firm grip of knee pads. Moreover, it provides two elastic straps on top and bottom of knee pad to double ensure perfect grip on the knees.

Durable Kevlar Front 

Launch pro built for lasting long time. It adds up extra kevlar front panel to save both your knees and knee protection gear getting smashed. Along with pre-curved protector and perfect knee gripper, this high-performance kevlar front panel confirms maximum security for your only two knees.


  • Abrasion resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Ergonomic fit


  • Little bit shorter below the knee

#11. Alpinestars Paragon Knee Guard- Great Pads for Kids!

Highly praised and recommended by many experts, Alpinestars introduce new knee protection gear Paragon knee guard which in terms of weight immensely light and yet surprisingly very durable and provides maximum security for knee areas.Let us have a look at some key feature of Paragon knee guard


Having a pair of lightweight knee pad is always considered an advantage for any MTB lovers. You do not have to worry about weighing down just for having a pair of bulky knee pad. In addition, enhances your pedaling efficiency by making pushing pedals effortless. Main disadvantage of being a lightweight knee pad pair is, many complains, it does not provide enough safety. Not durable too. Surprisingly, Paragon knee guard keep itself extremely lightweight while providing more than enough safety. Besides, high-quality materials that used in this gear gives a guarantee to safeguard your knees.

Slip-On Design 

Obviously, velcro straps and other additional straps around knees are best to keep the knee pad positioned. Instead of these straps, Alpinestars introduces new easy slip-on, slip-off design. It is very convenient and time-saving but still, the question remains, can it be a replacement of velcro straps?To clear the doubt of mind, I bought a pair for my last year mountain bike expedition. I found it great and very handy. At first, I felt a little uneasy as I was used to having velcro straps on my knee pad and not having in this one. As time goes, I get used to it and find it really useful and time-saving too.

Budget Knee Pad 

Lightweight, great design, sound performance, now all we need is the price rate to make it a deadly combo! One thing I can tell you for sure, it is one of the best MTB knee pads you will find for the cheapest price and yet not dropping a single ounce of quality.I used this gear personally and I can vouch for that.


  • Easy slip-on design
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic fit


  • Ideal for short time protection

#12. Lixada WOSAWE MTB Protective Pads- Best Motocross Knee Guards

LW MTB protective pad is another multi-purpose knee protection gear. If you are a sportsperson who needs extreme protection, this protective pad is best pick for you. Cycling, biking, skiing, skating, whatever you do, when it comes to protecting your knees, Lixada WOSAWE MTB pads does its job perfectly.If you look at its feature and construction material, you will see some surprise too. Premium Oxford cloth instead of neoprene, adjustable fastening straps, reflective elements for low light visibility etc.If you have any question about its building material, I need to remind you, it is a multi-purpose knee support gear. It needs to long-last and perform in various condition. That is why some material is replaced to suit the cause better.

Now, let us have a look at its some highlighted feature.

Outstanding Protection 

LW provides strong PE shell for protection which proved to be strong shock absorbent. This strong PE shell will keep your knee completely protected from any type of hard falling. Some may find this rigid shell uncomfortable but beneath this shell, padded cushioning with premium oxford cloth will clear the doubt of mind.Padded cushion gives nice comfort with the hard protective shell while premium oxford cloth provides high durability.

Adjustable Straps 

Struggling to find best fit is pretty common and it is too annoying, as I said earlier. LW provides adjustable straps to adjust the knee pad according to your knee shape. Adjustable strap allows custom fit, that means, this gear can be used by more than one person. This comes very useful as you do not have to hassle with the trouble of finding knee pad matching with your knees.

Low Light Visibility 

If you are an extreme cyclist, night or day, it does not matter. Only cycling does. This knee pads incorporated reflective material so that it can be seen in low light or in dark. It adds some safety if you ride with a team.

Budget Friendly 

For multi-purpose protection gear, Lixada WOSAWE MTB knee pad is the most budget-friendly pad you will find. All the feature it offers at this price, it is kind of surprising. It lasts long, high durability, low price, sound protection, I can not think of any deadly combo other than this.


  • Extreme protection
  • Custom fit
  • Multi-purpose


  • Velcro straps are bit short. Look for size

#13. Fox Racing Launch Safety BMX MTB Knee/Shin Pad- Great Protection, Comfortable, Stay in Place!

At this stage of the review, you are going to get introduced with a knee pad which takes the protection to a whole new level with its technologically most advanced features. Probably, you can go to war wearing this knee pad.Instead of saying knee pad, we should call it a complete protection gear for, from knee to lower parts of legs. Ribbed hard shell for kneecaps and asymmetrical hard shell for shin plates will make anything difficult to hit your legs. Along with its rigid protection, Fox Racing ensures ultimate comfort allowing proper ventilation inside. With Fox Racing own patented strapping system, you can be assured that this gear will stick with your legs as long as you do not loose them up.

Advanced Protection 

Instead of soft, flexible D30 knee pad, Fox Racing used hardshell from knee to bottom of the feet. Hardshell is safer than D30 but its rigidness will make you uncomfortable if it does not provide padding inside.Fox Racing Launch MTB knee pad provides appropriate padding inside for comfort and venting on the front for breathability.

Patented X-Up Strapping 

This knee/shin pad is usually longer in length than any MTB knee pad you have seen in this review. As it is longer in size, it requires more careful strapping system to make sure it does not slip off.Fox Racing comes up with its brilliant X-Up strapping system locks the whole gear from both sides firmly. X-Ups outstanding strapping system will make sure, you feel comfortable too.

Long Lasting 

Launch safety knee/shin pad is not a one-time protection gear. It is constructed with high-performance material to survive thousands of hits. Dirt bike racing, aggressive downhill mountain biking, whatever you do, this knee/shin pad is ready to serve you.Buy one and enjoy its secure protection for your knees year after year. At this price range, which seems a big win.


  • Complete protection for knees and shin
  • Smooth attaching system
  • Breathable and comfortable


  • If you have thick leg muscle, you may have to modify it to fit

#14. 7iDP Flex Knee Shin Protective Gear- Easy to Put on and it Stays in Place!

Another complete knee shin protective gear from 7iDP with premium quality and super comfort. It comes with the easy-to-put-on open-back design so that you do not have to take off your shoes to wear them. Perforated foam with iDP polygon neoprene prevents sweating on hot days. With adjustable straps, you can adjust the gear as it fits you. 7iDP provides high-end durable CE Certified material so that you can do mountain biking in any kind of trails.

Excellent Design And Comfort 

7iDP uses ‘By the book’ rules to give comfort to its users. That is, perforated foam for proper ventilation and a wrap of durable polygon neoprene for keeping the whole thing altogether. The way this gear provide comfort is pretty common but not the design. The Open-back feature allows you to put on or put off the knee pad without taking off your shoes. Adjustable straps allows custom fit, eliminates all the concern of proper fitting.

High Protection 

Knee pads are all about protection and first priority. 7iDP knee shin pad is made of flex protection plate which not only gives you ultimate comfort but also some serious security too. Some people choose hard-shell over the flexible plate. About this, I would say, both work fine. But if you demand a bit more comfort from your knee pad, go with flex plate. As for protection, it works as equal as hard-shell, just give you some extra comfort.

Great Durability 

This knee gear is made with technologically advanced material to last long enough to satisfy you. You can take this pair to any hard ride, let it absorb the shock time after time, you will see this knee shin pad is still staying completely intact and ready to serve you anytime.


  • Comfortable
  • Do not collect much moisture
  • Great design
  • Super protection


  • You may find upper calf strap is unnecessary

#15. G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads Pair- Good Protection and Good Fit!

At first glance, Pro-X knee pads seem to be just an average knee pad. But if you have a good look inside, you will find it no average gear.When almost all knee pad brands are moving to soft, low profile armor knee pads, G-Form is the first one to introduce this brilliant engineering pattern. As a result, the market demand is increasing day by day as it gains a lot of trust about safety from their users.

Soft-To-Hard Armour 

The most striking feature of this knee pad is its nice looking hard armor on the top. This armor is made of using innovative RPT technology which remains soft and flexible while pedaling and turn to rock-solid protector during impact. Similar to D30 but protect your knees in more advanced and efficient manner.

Pedal Friendly 

Pro-X knee pads are made as light as possible. Along with its, fragmented armor, whole knee pad flexes along with your knees smoothly and enhances pedaling efficiencies.Its sleek design and lightness will make you feel like you have worn nothing extra in your knees.

Comfortable And Snug Fit

The whole Pro-X knee pad is covered with light and durable lycra compression fabric. It ensures tight grip when you put it on and stretches while you need to put it off. Lycra fabric also prevents collecting moisture effectively.


  • RTP fragmented protection Armour
  • Flexible
  • Pedal efficient


  • Some people does not like its minimalist design

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Will these pads fit perfectly to skinny legs?

Answer: Mostly, yes, as the pads come in compact sizes and stretch out according to the wearer’s knee shape. But it still depends on how skinny the legs are.

2. Question: How can I determine my size when buying a pair online?

Answer: The general measurement of knee pads are-

  1. Extra small – 15 to 17 inches.
  2. Small – 16 to 18 inches.
  3. Medium – 16.5 to 18.5 inches.
  4. Large – 18 to 21 inches.

However, the sizing may vary as per manufacturers.

3. Question: How many types of MTB knee pads are available in the market?

Answer: Basically, there are two, strap-on, and pull on. Strap ons are those, which require you to slide the sleeve on and then fasten with the given straps. Pull-on pads, on the other hand, only requires you to slide it on to your knees.

4. Question: What if I use my road bike knee pads while riding my MTB?

Answer: Well, we won’t recommend doing so unless you’re commuting with your MTB. Riding through the rough terrains and dirt are far riskier than commuting on roads or graveled pavements; hence it requires additional safeguards that your road bike knee pads most possible can’t ensure.

5. Question: Are these MTB knee pads gender-sensitive? Would it fit my girly legs?

Answer: It doesn’t actually matter as long as aesthetics is your prime concern. Also, the manufacturers produce them targeting both male and female bikers. However, you’ll find plenty of ladies knee pads out there in the market as well.


I am so glad that you read the whole review with patience. Last thing, I want to say, buying a MTB knee pad is not rocket science but if you do some research before getting one, it will help you a lot.These Top 10 Best MTB knee pads are handpicked by me. I used almost all of them and wrote what I felt while using them. You may not or maybe agree with me on this list. I just tried to help you find a pair of MTB knee pad.Good luck with your trailing!