Best Knee Brace For Meniscus Tear – Top 12 Picks

Have you faced a tear a meniscus recently?

You are not alone buddy.

You don’t have to be the sports enthusiastic about getting a meniscus tear, though.

However, simply getting up too carelessly from a squatting position can cause a meniscal tear.

Doctor Meniscus is monitoring knee brace for the tear
Doctor Meniscus is monitoring knee brace for the tear

Do you know that more than 500,000 meniscal tears occur only in the Unita ed States each year?

Quite alarming, isn’t it?

Well, your meniscus is a rubbery cartilage situated between the shin bone and the thigh bone. Meanwhile, the meniscus can tear with rotation or forceful twisting of the knee movements which usually are common to sports.

Depending on the severity of your knee injury, the treatment procedure can vary from convenient at-home remedies to surgery. However, the knee brace is a great option to help stabilize your knee during the healing period.

Let’s see a fascination detail of meniscus tear along with some best knee brace for meniscus tear.

Stay along.

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How do knee braces for meniscus tear works?

So what is the meniscus?

In a plain word, it’s a piece of cartilage in the knee that cushions the joint. Most importantly, It protects the bones and joints from wear and tear. But the matter is all it takes a good twist of your knee to tear the meniscus.

Yes, it is that simple.

Meniscus tears are common to those who are in contact sports. Not only that, They can happen if a person changes his or her direction suddenly while exercising, running, and often occur at the same time, just like other knee injuries.

Will A Knee Brace Help A Torn Meniscus?

A torn meniscus will cause unbearable pain, swelling and may restrict you from fully extending the knee.

The good news is, in most cases, the knee injury can heal within months. Thus, Surgery is rarely required–only if it’s a severe case.

Apart from surgery, less invasive treatments including rest, pain relievers or physical therapy can help you for healing. Knee braces may help you to recover from that bad torn meniscus injury. Let’s dive into how a knee brace can make a good chance to recover from a torn meniscus.

  • Providing Stability: A meniscus tear can lead to instability. Wearing a knee brace will help you recover from a torn meniscus by ensuring stability and preventing from aggravating the injury.
  • Increased Confidence: A meniscal tear is rehabilitated usually with physical therapy. Wearing a knee brace can help you increase confidence and get back on the recovery process.
  • Preventing Hyperextension: A knee brace will prevent you from extending the knee beyond your normal range of motion.
  • Increased circulation: Knee braces add required pressure to the affected knee area, which encourages the circulation. As a result, Blood flow to the area supply oxygen which speed recovery.
  • Pain Relief: A well-constructed knee brace comes with an unloading effect on the user’s knee. Therefore, the knee brace lessens the direct pressure from the upper leg on your meniscus, results in pain relief.

Our Handpicked List of Best Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear

Here are our reviews of 17 of the best knee brace that helps on the healing process of the meniscus tear.

#1. Bodyprox – Best Patella Stabilizer

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#2. CAMBIVO 2 Pack- Best Knee Brace For Running Meniscus

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#3. Techware Pro – Best Knee Brace For Arthritis


Get back into the game without the knee Pain with the Unique Techware pro Knee Brace.

Wouldn’t it be great if you Extra support during your exercise?

Amazing, isn’t it?

If Your Game is Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Weightlifting, Running, Jogging, Wrestling, Squats, or Any Sports Activities; this knee brace can be your best friend.

Style and Dimension

  • Style: Open Patella
  • Level Of Support: Adjustable Support
  • Sizes: 4 Sizes (Medium, Large, X-Large And XX-Large)

Design and Performance

Before anything else, let’s see its construction. No matter what activity you are doing, this moisture-wicking neoprene fabric will give you better knee stability. It gives Relief in various knee pains like:

The special feature of this knee brace is the TechWare Pro Bi-Directional support. Besides, it includes some marvelous features like Four Spring Stabilizers, Three Bi-Directional Straps, and Open Patella Design.

Too good!

Alternating hook and loop straps help to give even more support and compression.


  • Nonslip silicone strips
  • Better Knee Stability 
  • Maintaining Knee Mobility 
  • Stretch breathable neoprene 


  • Center donut is quite small
  • Not good for sensitive skin 

#4. Ezyfit – Best Support Knee Brace 


Looking for a knee brace that will ensure all-day comfort?

Then this Ezyfit knee brace is the best solution for you. Not only for comfort, has Effective heat therapy ensured joint pain relief as well as faster recovery.

Style and Dimension

  • Size: 3
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Open Pallet
  • Material: Flexible Neoprene

Design and Performance

Finally! A true handy knee brace for Multiple Users for Exercise and All Types of Sport.

Just wrap, pat and go!

What makes Ezyfit the comfortable brace around your knee? Let’s see:

  • Dual stabilizers which provide strong yet cozy support
  • Non-slip silicone gel works to ensure your brace stays firmly in place
  • The three strong, fully adjustable closures
  • Double stitched edges work to avoid scratching your knee and skin
  • Open patella allows full movement of the joint while using the brace


  • Anti-slip and bi-directional straps
  • Washable 
  • Enjoy heat therapy 
  • Ease of movement 


  • The Velcro
  • The straps are too long 

#5. Vive Hinged Knee Brace- Best Open Patella Knee Support


Fed up wearing the brace all day with the itching for the relief of torn meniscus pain?

Notoriously annoying, isn’t it?

Yeah, I know the feeling. But there is good news for you. The vive knee brace is such a blessing for them who are suffering from a torn meniscus.

Want to know more about this cool knee brace?

Ok, and then let’s dive in deeper.

Style and Dimension

  • Color: Black
  • Size: Single
  • Dimensions: 10.6 X 7 X 2 Inches
  • Style: Adjustable Open Pallet
  • Material:  Breathable Neoprene

Design and Performance

The very first thing that took my heart is its material; Neoprene is breathable and lightweight. Hinges are nicely located on both sides for added support.

Yes, it’s true!

Hinges can be removed if you need less support. Meanwhile, Improves lateral stability, helping assist recovery. Yeah, it’s specially designed for meniscus tear, but it could be great for:

  • Adjustable Open Patella
  • Support for ACL (Swollen)
  • Ligament, Tendon and Meniscus Injuries

The last one but not least, your viva hinged knee brace is covered by a company’s unconditional 60 Day Guarantee. So order it with confidence.


  • Lateral Stability
  • Extra Strength Fasteners 
  • Reduced The Risk Of Re-Injuring 
  • Vive Guarantee 


  • Not so perfect for larger size person
  • Design is not so cool 

#6. Shock Doctor – Best Knee Brace For Your Meniscus Tear After Surgery


Meet the most advanced Knee Support.

Yes, you heard that right.

Shock Doctor comes with a most promising knee brace for the patient for a meniscus tear. Shock Doctor has always been at the forefront when it comes to creating quality and innovative body protective gears, like this one.

Style and Dimension

  • Performance level: 3
  • Size: 6 sizes
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Hinge: Dual Hinged

Design and Performance

Convenient finger tabs ensure easy grip pull when you need the Ultra Knee Support on. N-Tex feature gives moisture wicking as well as therapeutic warmth.

Want to know the best part?

Integrated Antimicrobial Technology works to reduce odor. Thus, the fabric is also LATEX FREE.

Besides tear meniscus, it will be ideal for Preventing and healing:

  • Exercise and Workout Injuries
  • ACL and PCL Injuries
  • Hypertension
  • Patella Support
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Meniscus Injuries
  • Dislocated / Blown Out Knee
  • Knee Instability

But always keep in mind; this brace is not a substitute for medical care. So ask professional medical advice before using it.


  • Increased stability
  • Boost movement 
  • Bilateral dual hinges 
  • Odor prevention 


  • The tiny struggle for taking off
  • Doesn’t stay secure for a long time 

#7. Exodus – Best Jumper’s Knee Brace


Wobbly knee?

Try this Exodus Knee Brace for true functional support throughout the day. In the meantime, the unique 4-way compression ‘hugs’ your knee and giving lateral support for weak knees.

Style and Dimension

  • Minimum Knee size: 13″ circumference
  • Number of units: 1 unit
  • Design: open pellet
  • Size: Fits up to 21″ upper thigh 3″ above the knee
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces

Design and Performance

The thing that blew my mind was the design. Build up so systematically every 2 and three straps.

Different by Design!

Designed for all age’s men and women can be comfortably used for exercise with. Also, it could be a great choice for basketball, tennis and any activity needing extra stabilization.

I know what you are thinking. Why it works better than others?

Side stabilizer+4 straps+ comfort gap=combine together to ensure a non-slip support

The gap behind the back of this knee allows a cozy, breathable area. That means no excess material, less irritation, gives all-day comfort. It is a wonderful brace, also good for:

  • Relieves Patella Tendonitis
  • Jumpers Knee Meniscus Tear
  • Arthritis
  • ACL Lateral/Medial Ligament Sprains


  • 4-way compression system
  • Non-Slip Fits 
  • Ideal for exercise and Sport 
  • Comfort Gap 


  • Swells a bit during the day
  • Wish a little more height 

#8. Mcdavid – Best Compression Knee Brace


Give your knee the natural gliding action by using Mcdavid Knee Brace.

Yes, this one is McDavid’s lightest hinge, specially designed to ensure maximum knee support.

What makes this so special?

Let’s check this out:

Style and Dimension

  • Level of protection: 3
  • Adjustable fit: Top and bottom strap
  • Padding: Patella
  • Fits left or right:  yes
  • Support Mechanism: 1 Hinge per side
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces

Design and Performance

Let me first tell that it’s an amazing brace which will fit for both men and women. Not only that, but you can also use it in the right or left leg.

Isn’t it amazing?

No Gears at all; each sidearm is nicely articulated with comfortable cushioned hyperextension stops.

Now let’s talk about fabrics. The neoprene sleeve is 100% latex-free which provides therapeutic warmth. The Open 360˚ padded provides moderate medial as well as lateral support for maximum stability.

Besides tear meniscus, it will be great for Preventing and healing:

  • Moderate to major instabilities
  • Post-surgical joint protection
  • Proactive injury prevention
  • Patella Tendon Support


  • High-Performance Neoprene
  • More stable hinges 
  • Lightweight hinge 
  • Easy wear access 


  • Gets a bit sweaty
  • Size is questionable 

#9. King of Kings – Best Patella Stabilizing Knee Brace


Are you fed up with the bulky brace?

Hi, dude how it could be if you find a lightweight brace which gives required support.

Sounds great?

Let’s see what it offers to you.

Style and Dimension

  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Perforated Neoprene
  • Fits To: 13”-18.5” Knee Circumferences
  • Weight: 5.1 Ounces

Design and Performance

First and foremost, this one-size Knee brace fits most people. Not only that, it can be used on either your right or left knee. Ergonomically designed knee support, provides stability and security to give the full protection to your knee joints.  

Wait, there is much more.

Extremely lightweight, fitted with two spring steel side gives support for utmost protection.  This knee brace utilizes its absorbent material against the sensitive skin. As a result, it keeps your skin gentle and cool. Relieves pain associated with:

  • Meniscus tears
  • General knee pain/soreness
  • Instability of the knee
  • Inflammation of the bursa

Keep in mind that Hand washes only for this brace. Do not dry clean.


  • The 3-layer design
  • Extremely light 
  • Unmatched wicking performance 
  • Ergonomically designed 


  • May face irritation on sensitive skin
  • Fades too quickly 

#10. Braceability – Best Plus Size Knee Brace

Life-Changing support for meniscus tear sufferer.

Believe me or not, it’s a great brace for the price. It will provide you support and full protection when doing or performing any activity.

Style and Dimension

  • Size: 6XL
  • Material: premium-grade neoprene
  • Type: Bariatric Hinged

Design and Performance

Imagine what it would be like a brace with adjustable compression wrapping made 1/8” thick, neoprene, which promotes flexibility. 

Just think of it.

It allows full range of motion. Therefore, it is perfect for exercise, standing, sitting, working or sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc.

What else?

Dual axis polycentric hinges ensure enhanced stability which is especially effective for those that suffer from extra weight. This brace is perfect for:

  • Arthritis
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Meniscus tears
  • General knee pain
  • Patellar tracking disorder
  • ACL/LCL injuries

 If you want a low profile knee support, just remove the hinges. It will be more comfortable as well as discreet enough to use all day.


  • Front Velcro closure
  • Wraparound Application 
  • Popliteal Design 
  • Lightweight 


  • Slightly thinner fabric

#11. Neo G – Best ACL Brace For Sports


Can’t be confident going into work or an exercise session?

Feel great again with this Neo G brace and able to enjoy running without pain or instability. Yes, it’s Easy to use and gives great relief to tear meniscus.

Still not convinced?

Let’s dig a much deeper to see what are the features that make it so amazing.

Style and Dimension

  • Color: Blue
  • Size: universal size
  • Dimensions: 3 x 6.7 x 18.9 inches
  • Weight: 5.3 ounce
  • Circumference: 4 inches above the knee

Design and Performance

“A Perfect knee support for active lifestyles”

Yes, you heard that right.

The Neo G Hinged Open Knee brace offers a two-point hinge system to assist control flexion as well as extension movements. As a result, it helps to reduce unwanted medial/lateral instability.

What are the other uses besides meniscus tear?

Medically engineered and tested by doctors to help relieve pain associated with:

  • Aching joints/ arthritis
  • Aid recovery from painful meniscus tears
  • Patella injuries/runners knee
  • ACL
  • Reduces stress and strain


  • Medical grade
  • Fully adjustable compression 
  • Heat therapeutic neoprene 
  • Compatible with hot & cold therapy 


  • A bit bulky
  • Not for everyday use 

#12. Karm – Best plus Size Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear


KARM offers support for the knees just in the way you need it.

No doubt there!

KARM is a family business and well known to help people to alleviate knee pain, and prevent further injuries.

Style and Dimension

  • Color: Blue
  • Size: Plus Size
  • Weight: 6 Ounces
  • Material:  Neoprene
  • Style: Open-Patella Design

Design and Performance

Loved by athletes!

The best thing about this brace is, perfectly fits like a glove. Fully customizable three same-way Hook/loop straps make it easy to adjust regardless of the type of body and the size.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, dual side stabilizers help to stay on place. On the other hand, Steel springs give full support for knee’s lateral movement. Thus, it is best for Preventing and healing:

  • Minor ligament injuries
  • Twisted or sprained knee
  • Instability
  • Tendonitis pain
  • Torn meniscus knee bursitis
  • Cartilage irritation
  • Knee swelling


  • Promote injury recovery
  • Fully customizable hook-and-loop straps 
  • Neoprene wrap 
  • Fully customizable sewn 


  • Have to re-position it more often

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Knee Brace for Meniscus Tear

Types of knee brace: There are several options of knee braces to choose from, such as supports, stabilizers, sleeves, and hinges. Try to pick something which is more rigid fit as well as flexible.

Patella: Usually, you will see two types of the patella.

  • Open pallet
  • Closed pallet

If you want to reduce pressure, an open patella will be a better option.

Support vs. Flexibility: Before you buy, you have to measure how much moving around while wearing knee support. Keep in mind; the sturdier a brace is the less flexibility you should expect.

Style:You will find two basic knee braces styles to pick from:

  • slip-on
  • wraparound

Wrap-around styles normally come with Velcro straps to give a more customized fit. On the other hand, slip-on braces slide onto the leg.

Size: While some branded knee braces come in a one-size-fits-all or universal option, most come in different sizes to better accommodate. Before buying, have a look at the brand’s sizing chart to make sure that you’re picking the appropriate brace size for you.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Question:Do knee braces help torn meniscus?

Answer: It is scientifically proved that an unloader knee brace is worked to reduce the load on the affected side, relieve painful symptoms and improve quality of life.

2. Question: How long does it take for a torn meniscus to heal without surgery?

Answer:  Normally it takes up to six or ten weeks to fully heal.

3. Question: What is the best exercise for a torn meniscus?

Answer: Passive knee extension, Standing calf stretch or Heel slide can give some comfort.


Let’s start by saying that any brace on this list should be completely reliable for the healing process of the meniscus tear.

No matter whether you are using it for knee support or everyday exercise; they are a solid choice for whatever you need for.

What is the best knee brace meniscus pain?

Well, we highly recommend the Ezyfit knee brace for its all-day comfort with Effective heat therapy. Besides this, King of kings Patella Stabilizing Knee Brace could be a good option at an affordable price.

The main thing to keep in mind is Injury Type is a major factor in choosing the right one. We suggest consulting with the doctor before you take a final decision.

Stay active and healthy!