Best Knee Brace For LCL Tear Reviews – Top 10 Picks

Ever thought about how important it is to keep our knees functioning?

I am sure you have if you happen to experience any knee injury.

There is that one lifesaving material, a knee brace, that becomes your friend of the cloudy days when faced with something as such.

Best Knee Brace For LCL Tear

Last year, I had a sprain on my left knee while playing football. It was on LCL, which is one of the most complicated structures that hold our knee altogether to my greatest horror.

Here is some information on the best knee brace for LCL tear I found while storming through the internet and a bit more:

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What is an LCL knee ligament injury?

LCL is the lateral collateral ligament among six other ligaments in the knee. It runs from the lower outer end of the femur to the upper outer end of the Tibia, thus connecting them. This ligament initiates a lot of intricated knee rotating mechanism that we use regularly.

An LCL injury can include a sprain or fracture. It can occur in any way when the knee hits anything unconventionally, such as falling from stairs, during sports, etc. Despite the pain such injury causes, it may take 4-6 weeks to heal if you are lucky with a mild injury. Otherwise, complete bed rest is suggested for a minimum of 2 months.

10 Best Knee Brace For LCL Tear Reviews

When you think of buying something as sensitive as a knee brace, you must be looking for the best product to equip you with. Here is a peek on the ligament knee brace review:

#1. Best Knee Support For Arthritis – TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

Best Knee Support For Arthritis

This knee brace from TechWare Pro ensures cooperative movement even with a painful knee injury. The black-colored medium-sized knee brace has a hook and loop system to support the knee in injuries and diseases such as arthritis, heavy exercise, etc.

Comfort: The brace is made of breathable neoprene material, which will prevent the knee from feeling congested. The non-slip silicone protects the brace from slipping during knee sweating.

Adjustability: It has three adjustable bi-directional straps that stick together with a hook and loop. It is suitable for any knee size, regardless of gender.

Ease of use: The spring stabilizer helps with maximum compression and mobility. There is no chance of slipping or congestion while using.

Application: It is also easy to apply on the knee with the open patella hole keeping outside and the straps wrapping on the backside.


  • Perfect for big thighs.
  • Brace material keeps the knee moisture.
  • It stays fit with the structure.
  • It does not create further blockage on the injury.


  • The central kneecap holder is not entirely supportive in the case of larger legs.
  • The XL and XXL both the sizes have the same size knee straps.

#2. Best Knee Brace For LCL Sprain – Shock Doctor Maximum Support Brace 

Best Knee Brace For LCL Sprain

The hinged knee brace for lcl injury comes with high-quality straps from Shock Doctor is here to take care of your knee with the promise of comfort and support. The sturdily built material is manufactured to bear the alternative knee movements and give it some rest while injured.

Comfort: Although it is loaded with dual hinges and straps to wrap the knee from the back, it ensures utmost comfort to the Neoprene material. It prevents moisture and odor that may cause microbial attacks.

Adjustability: The item is supposed to be near your knee. It means the product must be wrapped around the knee tightly enough to prevent any slip and loosely enough to create any tension. It is advised to buy a size larger than the knee measurements to set the seal on.

Ease of use: The brace keeps the knee in one place with its tightly stuck, latex-free material. It can be used regardless of gender for any knee stretch.

Application: The hinge fulcrum is supposed to be vertically in line with the side of the knees. The patella window sits on the patella while the straps are wrapped around.


  • The integrated aluminum gives it high durability.
  • It helps the knee with various rotations.
  • Breathable knee brace.
  • The hinge keeps the other tendons and bones supported.


  • Tricky application.
  • Recommended buying one size larger for a proper fit.

#3. Best Knee Brace For Post Meniscus Surgery – Nvorliy Plus Size Knee Brace

Best Knee Brace For Post Meniscus Surgery

This one is specifically targeted for all the plus size leg holders out there who are also uncomfortable with the bulky hinge braces. It started with a more extensive size chart and has side springs to replace hinges.

Comfort: The extra breathable Neoprene provides the knee with some solace. It does not feel like carrying an extra burden while having it wrapped around the knee.

Adjustability: It has six metal strings on both sides to adjust the medial and lateral ligament. The patellar window is also backed up with an EVA pad to reduce strain.

Ease of use: The brace sits on the knee area in a way that allows the highest movement even in a compromised situation.

Application: Keep the patellar window aligned with the kneecap and springs with the side of the knee. Pull the straps backward to fulfill the application process.


  • Extra breathable substance.
  • Supporting knee pad.
  • Metal springs as hinge replacement.
  • Perfect for large size legs.


  • It is not suitable for small knees.

#4. Best Knee Brace For Osteoarthritis – Vive Hinged Immobilizer for ACL, MCL and PCL Injury 

Best Knee Brace For Osteoarthritis

It is the brace you find all fancy while looking at the picture and thinking about the technologies Vive ROM incorporated in it. But it is such a grey product with numerous mixed feelings. Let’s dive into that.

Comfort: The product promises a lightweight padded brace but does precisely the opposite. Even though it is extra breathable for not packeting the entire knee, it is quite heavy for daily use.

Adjustability: It has a too convoluted adjustment process. There is a bidirectional dial that sits vertically on the knee side. These are to control movements.

The straps have buckles that can be adjusted for any knee size.

Ease of use: The brace keeps slipping away from the knee to the ankle.

Application: It is advised to wrap around the knee with the buckles fitted sidewise.


  • Suitable for times when the leg is at rest.
  • The breathable mechanism is a bonus.
  • It has a bidirectional dial for supporting the movement.
  • It comforts the whole leg.


  • Cheap quality material.
  • Slips away easily.
  • Heavy for movement.

#5. Best Web Knee Brace – DonJoy Reaction Web Knee Support Brace

Best Web Knee Brace

This one is way different from the other knee braces in structure. It is a webbed brace made of spandex and silicon. The frontal web meshwork of the brace has a patellar window and behind it are the straps. It also comes with a sleeve to put inside the brace.

Comfort: The web provides enough space for knee breathing. Although you will not get the facility while wearing the undersleeve, the web alone is comfortable enough.

Adjustability: It has an easy adjustment process on the knee. It is lightweight, so it does not feel bulky.

Ease of use: The undersleeve does not have non-slip silicon, making it sit tight on the knee. As a result, there is a chance of slipping it off under the brace while using. But this problem can be avoided by using the brace without the undersleeve.

That way, the knee does not get as much comfort as it is with the undersleeve.

Application: Put on the undersleeve first by push up mechanism. Above it sits the brace with its webbed meshwork while having the patellar window on the kneecap. The straps go behind the knee.


  • Easy application process.
  • It relieves pain with loads of support.
  • Breathable meshwork.
  • Suitable for water.


  • The sleeve does not sit properly on the knee.
  • Horrible customer service.
  • Low-quality Velcro.

#6. Best Torn Ligament Knee Brace – Neo G Hinged Knee Brace

Best Torn Ligament Knee Brace

While purchasing something as important as a knee brace after a lcl knee injury, medical proof is necessary. Neo G has all the trust of physiotherapists for that. The soft fabric with a metal hinge on the side might be all you fancy after a knee pain.

Comfort: Extremely comfortable due to its breathable fabric mixed with polyester and silicon. It prevents from getting slipped off the knee while sweating or moving.

Adjustability: It has four high-quality Velcro straps to adjust it around the leg. The best part is its universal size. One size fits all types of legs that saves from measurement difficulties.

Ease of use: The hinge can be turned up to 120 degrees to restrict movement without harming the knee.

Application: It can be applied like any other hinge braces with the patellar window on the kneecap.


  • It does not slip off the knee.
  • One size fit all.
  • Hinge keeps the knee checked from hypermobility.
  • Easy application.


  • In rare cases, the brace may not be fitting if you have a minimal knee.
  • This is not the item for you if expecting hyperextension.

#7. Best Unloader Knee Brace – Osteoarthritis Unloader Adjustable ROM Stabilizing Knee Brace 

Best Unloader Knee Brace For Osteoarthritis

The hinged knee brace is specifically targeted for people with osteoarthritis, but other knee injuries are also accommodated. It has four straps and a hinge to keep the knee in motion.

Comfort: Since it is loaded with straps and hinges, it has a heavier weight than regular braces. It comes with pads that go under the straps, which also add to that heaviness. The heaviness may feel a little strict on the leg.

Adjustability: The hinge can be adjusted with a tool that comes with the package according to the pain (medial or lateral). The straps can be adjusted with a buckle.

Ease of use: The straps take time to put on the leg. They come with a number, so you get an idea of which one to put where. But it is a bit difficult to measure all the time.

Application: The patellar window sits on the knee according to its size. Then the straps stay on the frontal portion both below and above the knee. The hinge fits laterally to the knee on both sides.


  • It relieves pain with the hinge adjustment tool.
  • It is backed with a ventilation feature.
  • It is padded for extra comfort.
  • It supports the entire leg.


  • Too much heavy for regular use.
  • Slips away easily.

#8. Best Knee Support – Bauerfeind GenuTrain A3 Right Knee Support

Bauerfeind GenuTrain Knee Support

This one has proved the simpler, the better. It does not have any extra fuss of hinge or straps. Just a single knitted brace with an integrated kneecap that runs the show. If I had to give my personal view, this would definitely pass the competition for the best knee brace for LCL tear.

Comfort: Extremely comfortable with the knitted material. It has breathable pores and massaging nubs on the kneecap that nibbles the surrounding tissues.

Adjustability: Effortless adjustment with its inbuilt non-slip silicon. The kneecap sits perfectly on the knee.

Ease of use: Accelerate the healing processing by keeping the knee ligaments together; the brace has viscoelastic fabric that will stretch according to your movements.

Application: Put the brace on by pulling it upwards and fit the kneecap around the knee patella.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Knee sheltering material.
  • It does not slip away in heavy use.
  • No hassle in washing.


  • You may find a low-quality product in sporadic cases, but you can always get a refund or replacement.

#9. Best Torn Meniscus – BraceAbility Torn Meniscus ROM Knee Brace 

Best Knee Brace Torn Meniscus

This sturdily built brace might be all you need to protect your knee after an injury. It has equipped all the comfort necessary to reduce the lateral collateral ligament pain.

Comfort: It is made of Neoprene material that ensures breathability of the knee and surrounding tissue. The warmth of the material keeps inflammation in check.

Adjustability: The patellar window and the straps help with the adjustment according to knee and leg size. The straps have extra fasteners for quick removal.

Ease of use: It has finger loops to fit it easily. There are two hinges on both sides of the kneecap that has to sit laterally with the knee to provide five different movement variations.

Application: Put the fingers inside the finger loops to pull it upwards up to the knee while the patellar window sits on the kneecap. Fasten the straps to complete the application.


  • Lightweight item.
  • Hinge is provided with movement restriction.
  • Warm compression and breathable.
  • Easy application with finger loops.


  • The metal hinge will not let your knee to get hyperextended.

#10. Best ACL Knee Brace – Disk Dr AIR Knee Brace Support

Best ACL Knee Brace

When most of the knee braces were struggling to be lightweight while incorporating heavy materials, Disk Dr introduced this one with airframes instead of a metal framework as a knee brace for meniscus tear and lcl injury.

Comfort: It is delightful due to its airframe. There is also an extra pump tool that helps to keep up with the air pressure.

Adjustability: The air pump is there to adjust the air pressure according to one’s preference. The straps also add a cherry on top for versatile sizes.

Ease of use: Honeycomb shaped meshwork has made it highly breathable. Since there is voidance of any metal framework, it is also easily stretchable.

Application: The brace is applied on the knee with the patellar window sitting tight on the knee. The airframes fit vertically on the knee’s lateral side while the straps wrap on above and below.


  • Highly breathable material.
  • Supports the knee from all sides.
  • Lightweight product.
  • It does not slip off.


  • Scarcely, the air-filled area may deflate quickly while moving.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure knee size for knee brace?

Keep the knee in a slightly extended position (that can be while sitting or standing). Make two points- A & B for measurement while both being 6 inches above and below from the middle of the kneecap, respectively. Take measurements of both the point, which will indicate the knee size for braces and sleeves.

How to prevent knee brace from slipping off?

You can add extra adhesive tapes on the inner surface of the brace to prevent it from slipping. If that seems irritating, then buy one with silicon material.

Is it applicable to wear a brace over clothes?

It depends on personal preference. You can wear them both above and under clothes. But if you prefer to put it above clothes, make sure to wear clothes with thin fabrics. That way, it will not get in the way of assisting the knee.


It is not an easy job to be an active person and have knee pain simultaneously. LCL injury is one of the most horrible ones in such matter. The best knee brace for LCL tear can be such a savior in this regard.

The ultimate goal is to furnish you with all the necessary medical information and other quality facilities a knee brace is supposed to come up with. Hopefully, you will be enjoying a much more productive life after giving it a read.