5 Best Kids Gardening Gloves Reviews 2022

It’s not easy to find the right gardening gloves, so we’ve rounded up some of the best for your kids to protect their hands while they are helping you with your gardening. They are easy to put on, stay on, and don’t fall off while gardening, and even help protect your kids from bacteria and fungus.

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5 of the best kids gardening gloves

In this article, we offer you the Buying Guide for Best Kids Garden Gloves so you can get a real understanding of what you need to look for before you make a purchase.

#1. Lined Premium Pigskin Leather Work and Ski Gloves

Kinco - Kid's Lined Premium Pigskin Leather Work and Ski Gloves, Heatkeep Thermal Insulation, Otto Striped Canvas, Fitted Knit Wrist, (Style No. 1927KW)

These gloves are made of water-repellent pigskin leather and designed to provide warmth and comfort while doing yard work, gardening, handling hot tools, and more.

The insulated lining retains heat, while the breathable spandex back prevents overheating.

The knit wrist cuff fits snugly around the wrist, keeping out dirt and debris. And the non-slip grip provides a comfortable, confident hold.

#2. JustForKids Kids Work and Gardening Gloves

G & F Products JustForKids Kids Work and Gardening Gloves with Rubberized Safety Cuff, Children and Youth age 4 to 6, Premium Leather and Cotton

This just for kids work and gardening glove is perfect for maximum activities including gardening, playing, sports, yard work, and more.

It is made of 100% cotton and 100% cowhide leather. It provides abrasion-resistant for many outdoor applications and very soft to wear.

The rubberized safety cuff also easy to put on and off. This wonderfully designed glove is designed specifically for kids.

#3. Bellingham KT3100XS Garden Grip Kid-Tuff Work Gloves

Bellingham KT3100XS Garden Grip Kid-Tuff Work Gloves for Big Jobs, X-Small (Intended to fit Children 5-8 Years Old)

If you have a little helper in the garden, these kid-sized gloves are designed to keep them comfortable and safe. Although intended for children, the small size (X-Small) will fit most adults well.

These gloves are made of durable synthetic rubber and cotton with a polyester liner. They have a flexible ergonomic design that allows hands to breathe for a cool feel.

The snug fit wrist improves comfort and reduces hand fatigue, and the yellow knit matches the gloves’ bright green palms and fingertips.

The palm coating is a special treatment that makes it more robust, but the surface is still flexible enough to allow you to feel what you’re doing. The reinforced fingers and palm provide extra durability and grip that you don’t

Kid-Tuff gardening gloves are constructed of up to 2.5 mm thick leather with full-grain leather palm and fingers. The gloves are stitched with fiber thread that is triple dipped for extra durable seams.

The gloves also feature a triple layer leather construction of the palm to provide protection to the hand. There are also padded knuckles and a slotted thumb for added grip. The gloves resist the toughest of works and are water, oil, and mildew resistant.

#4. Esschert Design Children’s Garden Gloves

Esschert Design Children's Garden Gloves

These bright green gardening gloves are perfect for kids. The gloves are made from non-toxic, flexible, lightweight neoprene, which is very easy to clean and maintain.

The gloves also feature lots of mesh vents to keep hands ventilated and cool during wear. The gloves have a Velcro closure for easy on and off.

Child-sized, lightweight and breathable, these gloves feature a garden-friendly hooked thumb and a special strap that keeps them from falling off.

#5. Kids Work and Garden Gloves with Safety Cuff

Kids Work and Garden Gloves with Safety Cuff, Fits Youth Ages 5-8 (Wells Lamont 952M)

The Work and Garden gloves are durable, comfortable, and fit for a variety of tasks. The cotton-lined palms feature grip dots for extra traction, reinforced fingers and knuckles for extra durability, and easy to clean.

The adjustable Velcro cuffs are perfect for a snugger fit and help prevent dirt from getting inside. Available in three sizes.

They are constructed for those lovely little hands with a wide range of motion and soft, durable leather to prevent abrasions.

Protect your five-year-old from thorns, bugs, and dirt with these kids work and garden gloves with a safety cuff. Its fun colors are sure to keep your kids active and engaged in outdoor activities all summer long.

Buying Guide for Kids Garden Gloves

When it comes to buying garden gloves, you need to strike a balance between comfort and safety. But what are the main features to look for, and how can you tell if they are of good quality? The type of material used is the first thing to consider since it can make a big difference.

1. One of the most important things to consider when looking for the right gardening gloves is to find a pair that is easy for your kids to put on and take off. You do not want to spend a lot of time putting on their gloves and getting them ready to play in the sand or with the soil.

2.  Remember that the best gloves for kids will be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time

3. Most kids garden gloves are made out of cotton, with some of the better ones being a mix of cotton and nylon. This is likely to be gentler on your hands, while nylon is better when it comes to strength and grip.

4. Ideally, you need to find a pair of gloves that lets your children enjoy gardening tasks without sacrificing comfort, whether that’s picking flowers or digging up.

5. Consider where you’re going to wear these gloves. If you only intend to garden in a small space or for a short period of time, consider buying cheaper gloves. Gloves made from sturdy materials like leather will last longer. However, if you’re looking for gloves that are easy to clean, consider gloves made from synthetic materials.


Kids garden gloves are meant to protect children’s hands from all the dirt and grime of the garden. These days, gardening is a trendy hobby. People of all ages enjoy getting out into their garden and getting their hands dirty.

While this is a great way to get your children involved in green activities, it is important to make sure that they are protected from any dirt or grime they may come into contact with.

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