Top 7 Shared Cards (January 2017)

Listed below are the top seven common cards in Clash Royale in Jan 2017, which will enable you to conquer more player. Many gamers use cards which aren’t at the meta tag, and this provides them a substantial disadvantage over those people who understand that the meta and then exploit it. By reading this manual, you’ll have a fairly good sign of which cards you need to use on your deck. Hope you like and don’ forget to speed us down beneath!

7. Royal Giant

Trick: “Destroying enemy structures along with his large cannon is his occupation; creating a raggedy blonde beard seem great is his fire”

Stats at Tournament Level:

Conclusion: The Royal Giant has dropped from this meta in recent months, however it’s still great nonetheless. Out-ranging all guards if positioned properly, the imperial giant deals ensured harm to the tower.

When a tower is down, the imperial giant may also out-range the king tower whilst assaulting another crown molding!

6. Fire Spirits

Description: These 3 Fire Spirits are on a kamikaze mission to supply you with a warm kiss. It’d be cute if they weren’t about fire.

Stats at Tournament Level:

  • Hit-points: 91
  • Area Damage: 169
  • Targets: Air & Ground
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Range: two
  • Deploy Time: 1 Second
  • Count: x3

Conclusion: Fire souls would be the equal of kamikaze goblins. While they not supply as much harm, they could nevertheless pig shove, and they have the extra advantage of having the ability to kill swarms like minion hordes or barbarians, the principal counters into some hog rider.

5. Minions

Description: “Three quick, unarmored flying spiders. Roses are reddish, minions are gloomy, they could fly, and will conquer you!”

  • Hit-points: 190
  • Damage Per Second: 84
  • Damage: 84
  • Attain Speed: 1 Secondly
  • Targets: Air & Ground
  • Speed: Quick
  • Range: two
  • Deploy Time: 1 Second
  • Count: x3

Decision: Minions are a fantastic card, boosted from the fact hat they could aim atmosphere. Most competitions may not arrow or zap them because of their reduced elixir price.

While they might seem weak, they cope hundreds of harm on the tower when left unattended. With the additional bonus of being able to fly, they can deal with most atmosphere drives.

4. Archers

Description: “A set of lightly armored ranged attackers. They will allow you to take down air and ground components, but you are on your own hair coloring apparatus”

Stats at Tournament Level:

Conclusion: A card which only recently became popular, the archers are a excellent service troop, also as stated with minions, they supply a little air protection in a meta which’s dominated by ground troops.

Taking troops out from behind a tank is exactly what they’re best at, and that is how you need to use them.

3. Ice Age

Description: “Spawns one dynamic small Ice Age to suspend a bunch of enemies. Stay frosty. ”

Stats at Tournament Level:

Conclusion: The Ice Age is a powerful foe. For only 1 elixir, it ignites an inferno tower, which attracts minions down to some zappable wellbeing, and it freezes your competitor’s troops.

Possessing the cheapest elixir worth of any troop, it affects the conflict more than a number of the greater elixir cards like the anger spell.

2. Zap

Description: “Zaps enemies, temporarily stunning them and coping damage within a tiny radius. Reduced harm to Crown Towers.”

Conclusion: The zap is undoubtedly the best spell in the game, and lots of players think it’s only as great, if not better than many legendary cards. Useful on both defense and offense, the zap can let you deal countless harm if used properly.

Zap’s flexibility is what makes it third place on this listing, also it’s why the vast majority of players have it into their deck.


Description: “Spawns a set of booted up Barbarians. They’re enjoy routine barbarians, just harder, better, faster and more powerful. ” Fundamentally Elite Barbarians arr RIDICULOUSLY robust and quick… And its a frequent card – OMG.

Stats at Tournament Level:

Conclusion: Elite barbarians will be arguably the very best card in the game at this time. Their rate together with their harm mean they’re almost like two lumberjacks, minus the anger impact of course.

This element of surprise is harmful, and one error may result in defeat. With almost zero counters apart from skeleton military and elite barbarians themselves, you may either have to combine the elite barbarian consumers or put skeleton army on your deck only for this reason.

The elite barbarians are just too powerful at this time, and Supercell has stated they will be getting a nerf very shortly.

Conclusion: All these are what n believe are the very best frequent cards from the game. Stay tuned for lists to another rarities, and n can update this list should n feel among those Jungle Arena commons is much better. All these cards are pesky to level up, so if might require stone. Connect describes how to.get jewels at no cost, witho cheats or hacks.

As always, hope you appreciated and continue clashing!

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