Sony Alpha IL CA-77M2 DSLR

Sony Alpha IL CA-77M2 DSLR

This is an advanced multipurpose digital camera featuring a very sophisticated image processor that produces high-resolution images and full HD movies. This is one of the Sony DSLR products that attract customers’ attention due to its lower cost and fantastic features. Below outlines what Sony Alpha IL CA-77M2 DSLR can do.


Excellent Speed Shooting

Its image processor can adapt to continuous shooting up to 26 RAW frames. This means that at any time whatever events or action you may be covering you have an assurance that none of those very important moments will be lost. This camera can just swiftly capture almost everything.

Simultaneous Imaging and Video Recording

This has a built-in technology that makes it able to handle dual tasks at the same time like video recording and shooting in a continuous fashion. This means you will not worry when you shift from video recording to shooting and vice versa. You can even do it at once.

Wide and Flexible Screen

This has large monitor suitable for live view monitoring or image playback. Its screen has capability to be easily tilted so that it can be used for high and low angles. This will give you the convenience in viewing your video or images at any camera position you will choose.

Auto Setting

It has the ability to be able to store most of the frequently used settings such that users can just readily reuse those settings. This makes this camera to be nearly automatic as you can just reuse previous setting readily.

WIFI Support

One feature that attracts most of the customers is its built-in WIFI support that makes it capable of instant image sharing to external devices like mobile phones. Aside from this the WIFI connectivity allows the device to be controlled remotely.


Clear Image Resolution

It has electronic image stabilization that makes it able to support a steady shooting to be able to capture still images with excellent results. Its image zooming feature can perform a very good enlargement and reduction of image sizes with an assurance of still producing realistic and high-quality images. Most of all it has built-in picture effect mode that allows the user to instantly apply settings on the images to make it more presentable depending on the user’s creativity and need. Depending on the personal preference of a user he can always choose to adjust the image setting and orientation styles. Lastly, it can support TRILUMINOS color which makes it produce a very realistic image that can adapt to the wide range of colors.

The above is just an excerpt of the amazing features of Sony Alpha IL CA-77M2 DSLR. Despite the short presentation of its features the user can surely stop and consider purchasing one to experience a wonderful photo shooting time.

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