Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE

The new era of modern technology has led many inventions. Samsung has made its own way and innovation continues. So, Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE is one of the new inventions that have been leading market. It is an android phone introduced by renowned company “Samsung Electronics” was announced while a press conference of Samsung at Berlin on 2014. It has been providing users with high access to information with distinguished features.

It has a slogan which states “the edge of brilliance” which has proved to be really very effective one. This very smart phone is capacitive touch screen and found in form like phablet, slate which are highly attractive. It weighs about one hundred and seventy four gram. It has operating system of “android 5.0.1” which is lollipop version. It has chip “Qualcomm snapdragon of 805”. CPU is also LTE plus version. It has memory of three GB and storage about 32 or 64 GB memory. Battery has been designed with high durability about of 3000 (m Ah).

Display of 142 mm with 5.6’’ makes it highly special. Camera is what customers expect to be the best of all. It has got camera of 16 megapixels and it has autofocus which is eye catching one. Likewise, it has video recording of 4 k. it was about normal camera and front camera too is listed with great features of 3.7 megapixel. There are curve sidebars which can display various applications with different shortcuts. You will easily get notifications and necessary information.

It has unique functionalities which is accessible just at the blink of eye when you just swipe your thumb. You can retrieve and access to information on the very edge screen even when you are watching other videos. It will not disturb your view at all and get things done faster and in effective way. It has many features as sensors like accelerometer, proximity, barometer, SpO2etc.

It make device highly compatible. Similarly, there are provisions for threaded sms too. You can have easy access to MMS, IM, and Email. Battery durability is the greatest threat that customers fear the most. But, here you have fast charging of battery. You can charge almost around 60 % in about thirty minutes. There is also a drop box with cloud storage of fifty GB. It has facilities for photo or video editor too.Document viewer can be very beneficial,

We can further list some of its special features as following:

1: High featured curved screen

2: Better performances and long battery durability

3: Great camera with auto focus

4: Stylus (s-pen)

But there are some of the negative aspects too which are listed as follows:

1: Bulkiness

2: Costly Though it is have great features and functionality, we cannot fully deny some of its anomalies.

As it is little unwieldy, some may find it difficult to handle. It is not very affordable to everyone due to its high price. But still it has been able to attract wide variety of people all around the world.

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