The MI3 became famous when 6 flash sales on Flipkart sold 20,000 mi3s in less than 5 seconds each (except the first one). People say this created an artificial demand Mi3 is sometimes referred to an ‘Iphone killer’. Did these flash sales and the low price tag push consumers towards the Mi3? Is the Mi3 all that it was hyped up to be? I’ve been using the MI3 as my daily driver for the last six months.

 Display : Mi3 has a 5.0 full HD display. This gives it an impressive pixel per inch (ppi) density of 441. The IPS display gives it a wide viewing angle without the display looking dark at even obtuse angles. The display is made by either LG or Sharp which also makes it a retina display like the Iphone. In sunlight at a particular angle a dot matrix can be seen with kind of looks like diamonds within the screen an makes it anti glare covered by a Gorilla Glass 3. This device has one of the best displays I’ve seen.

Body : The Xiaomi Mi 3 contains an internal frame of aluminium-magnesium alloy, but the body is made of a polycarbonate. They alloy gives it a very smooth and premium finish as the HTC one series. You have to be careful though as a scratch can remove the alloy coating and reveal the polycarbonate underneath. The rounded sides with a slim width of 8.1mm give it a nice grip in the hand. Unfortunately there is no removable storage which is disappointing especially if you opt for the 16GB variant.

Camera : The camera is not bad. It cannot even compare to the Iphone’s camera. It packs punch in pixels with a 13MP but does not deliver that good in quality. Fortunately there has been an improvement in the MIUI 6 update and with the HDR mode on it is pretty decent. Great for clicking shots with friends not so much for scenic landscapes. It does have a built-in Phillips dual-CFL flash for lowlight situations and can record up to 90fps. I still do expect more from the camera.

The secondary camera is ideal for selfies with its 2MP camera. It can record in 1080p. Coupled by the preloaded filters of MIUI it’s a selfie shooter dream.

CLICK HERE to see a Sample photo http://i.imgur.com/pZarEFe.jpg

Internals : The internals which you get for RS 13,999 is unbelievable to say the least. Before buying a new piece of tech I first do research for a month and I haven’t come across a better spec sheet including Oneplus One.

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