Category: Phone Tips

  • Xiaomi mi Note pro

    Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is the most excellent smartphone of 2015, here is my take on the all new Xiaomi Note Pro, Xiaomi is set to release its new Mi Note phone later this month, with the Mi Note Pro contributing high user end features. The Mi Note Pro has a sparkling minimal design visual, coming with a few many… Continue reading "Xiaomi mi Note pro"

  • Mi3

    The MI3 became famous when 6 flash sales on Flipkart sold 20,000 mi3s in less than 5 seconds each (except the first one). People say this created an artificial demand Mi3 is sometimes referred to an ‘Iphone killer’. Did these flash sales and the low price tag push consumers towards the Mi3? Is the Mi3 all that it was hyped… Continue reading "Mi3"

  • Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE

    The new era of modern technology has led many inventions. Samsung has made its own way and innovation continues. So, Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE is one of the new inventions that have been leading market. It is an android phone introduced by renowned company “Samsung Electronics” was announced while a press conference of Samsung at Berlin on 2014. It has… Continue reading "Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE"

  • OnePlus One

    The OnePlus One is enabled with a quality 5.5” display, 1080p full HD JDI screen. LTPS technology for a sharper picture & higher pixel density. The IPS screen immediately responds to smooth the least touch with Touch on Lens (TOL) technology, which removes the space between the display panels & touch sensor. It also makes the screen 300% more splinter… Continue reading "OnePlus One"

  • Asus ZenFone 5

    The Asus took the squashing off its new Asus ZenFone 5 smartphone sequence at an event in New Delhi with aggressive pricing especially for the Indian market place. For handset insistent, vendors pricing is one of the important aspect to deal with the severe opposition in a market such as India and it seems Asus is familiar to the art… Continue reading "Asus ZenFone 5"