Beginner’s Guide (Arena 1-3) to Clash Royale — January 2017 Edition

These tips and hints are for people that are new to match, and they’ll bump the ordinary player around Arena 6 inside a week. Have you started playing Clash Royale? Here’s a thorough guide for noobs into the initial arenas. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it shortly. Be certain that you read the remainder of our guides and speed us under!

The Fundamentals:

Every player has three towers, two overhead towers along with a king tower. The objective is to ruin more towers in relation to your competition or to remove the king tower, leading to an automatic three overhead triumph whatever the health of another overhead tower. You each have four cards in your hand along with another four in turning that range from 1 elixir to 9 elixir. Be certain not to squander it!

Sometimes you will encounter GEMMERS (gamers that spend a lot of cash on Stone) also at lower arenas (1-5) plus it’s very difficult to beat them since they have Epic and Legendary cards in their decks. However They Frequently lack Abilities, so you can still kick their a$ $ e$ 
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